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Retail Wire Countertop Racks Entice Customers at Checkout

Stocking your sales counters and checkout lanes with enticing impulse buys not only gives customers something to peruse while waiting, but also helps your bottom line with additional "spur of the moment" sales. These retail wire countertop racks feature small footprints with multiple levels and tiers for displaying lots of small merchandise. We offer two kinds of professional tabletop displays: spinning racks and wire trays, available in black, white, or silver finishes. Affordably-priced for any budget, our retail wire countertop racks are excellent choices for any gift boutique, convenience or drug store, or candy shop. The tabletop spinners are manufactured with sturdy metal pipe surrounded with thin wire pockets for displaying postcards or greeting cards, in 12 to 32 pocket versions. The assembly is then inserted into a plastic base which allows customers the chance to spin the fixture while browsing your offerings. Spinners that come with hooks are designed for hanging keychains, blister packs, jewelry, and other items. At the top of each spinner is a sign clip for announcing sales or providing pricing. Wire countertop racks with trays are another version of the impulse buy fixture. Organize gum, nut bars, chocolate, and candy neatly and efficiently. Their tiered design presents customers with an unobstructed view, letting them help themselves before paying at the checkout counter. Applying counter racks inside your place of business is just one way to merchandise effectively, and spur extra sales from shoppers via last minute purchases.

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