Floating Honeycomb Shelves with Modern, Hexagonal Design

Is your retail space or office in need of a refresh? Take your vertical space from drab to fab using floating honeycomb shelves. These retail fixtures are designed to help your smaller products make a great first impression while saving valuable floor space for larger units that house more sizable items. It's crucial to present your products on units like these floating honeycomb shelves in a way that encourages customers to buy. There's no better way to inspire an impulse purchase than a well staged, modern looking merchandising display. The 16 or 20 inch hexagonal wall shelves come in 3 sleek finishes in single or multi unit configurations and are made to make your life as a retailer easier. Each mahogany, white/teal or white maple unit includes a removable middle platform for versatile placement options.

A few ideal uses for honeycomb shelves:
  • Spa/Salon - Arrange product and towels to create a visually alluring shelving display — one your clients can imagine recreating in their own home setting.
  • Cafe/Restaurant - Showcase your most popular small merchandise or packaged coffees at eye-level. Try to always use empty space to your advantage. Overstocking or cluttering shelves can be a deterrent for sales.
  • Retail Stores/Boutiques - Utilize wall space to your benefit — mount these hexagonal shelves near checkout with small novelty items to capture that last-minute sale. Never underestimate the power of an effective point-of-purchase setup.
  • Lobby/Office - A nicely furnished entryway or lobby can instill a quiet confidence in your customers right off the bat. Using nice wall shelving with subtle decor is always a good idea. Or for an office, calming accent pieces like these hexagonal shelves can add a touch of comfort to an otherwise all-business atmosphere.

Remember, a first impression can make or break future sales. Making smart use of your wall space with sleek and modern fixtures like honeycomb shelves can help you merchandise your goods or establish a pleasing lobby or office atmopshere. Looking for additional fixtures? Find many more merchandising solutions to outfit your location at Displays2go.

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