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business card holder
4-Tiered Business Card Holder for Desktop Use - Clear
More Color & Number of Pocket Options Available! $3.31

Tabletop Acrylic Business Card Display with Sign Holder
Workshop Series 5 x 7 Sign Frame with Business Card Pocket, Slant Back - Clear
$4.01 #2 Best Seller! Literature Holders > Business Cards

Gift Card Display
Workshop Series 3-Pocket Business Card Display for Tabletop, Slant Back - Silver
More Number of Pocket Options Available! $11.23 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Gift Card Displays

5-Tiered Card Holder
5-Tiered Acrylic Gift Card Display for Tabletops, with Notched Pockets - Clear
$13.12 #4 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Gift Card Displays

gift card display
Workshop Series Gift Card Display, 2 Pockets & 11 x 8.5 Slide-in Sign Holder - White
$22.16 #2 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Gift Card Displays

office card holders
3-Tiered Business Card Holder for Tabletops, 6 Pockets, Wood - Oak
More Color & Number of Pocket Options Available! $32.99

Black Chalkboard With Chalk & Eraser
36 x 24 Wall Chalkboard, Black Write-on Surface - Oak
More Common Size Options Available! $38.94

gift card holder
Workshop Series Rotating Gift Card Display w/ Sign Clip, Tabletop, 9 Pockets - Black
$55.18 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Gift Card Displays

Navy Blue Entry Mat
3’ x 4’ Entry Mat - Navy
More Color & Rug Size Options Available! $67.19

real estate sign
Sidewalk Sign for Poster Boards, Double-sided, Easy Slide-in Channels - Black
More Media Size Options Available! $72.99 #5 Best Seller! Signage > A-Frame & Sidewalk Signs

Rubber Floor Mat
24" x 36" Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat - Marble
More Rug Size Options Available! $81.46

3 Tier Basket Stand with Clips
3-Tiered Basket Display Stand, Brown Wicker Bins, Sign Clips and Header - Black
More Number of Basket Options Available! $100.99 #4 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Woven Baskets

mobile carts
40" Plastic Utility Cart, 3 Trays - Black
More Color Options Available! $105.37

outdoor signs
Sidewalk Sign for 24 x 36 Poster Boards, Double-Sided, Fillable Base - White
More Color Options Available! $120.99 #3 Best Seller! Signage > A-Frame & Sidewalk Signs

LED Open Signs
OPEN Animated LED Sign with Chains, Oval - Blue & Red
$126.99 #1 Best Seller! Signage > LED Business Signs

Gray Commercial Mats
3.3’ x 6’ Entry Mat - Gray
More Color & Rug Size Options Available! $134.36

Free Standing Sign
24 x 36 Sidewalk Sign for Posters, Double Sided, Water-fill Base with Springs - Black
More Media Size Options Available! $204.99 #1 Best Seller! Signage > A-Frame & Sidewalk Signs

Retail Counter w/ Black Cabinet Base, Sliding Doors & Adjustable Shelf
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $318.99

sidewalk sign
48 x 36 Letter Board Swinger Sign, 2 Sided Swing Frame, with 421 Characters - Black
More Common Size & Bulletin Surface Color Options Available! $382.50

Running a barber shop is tougher than it looks because there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that customers don't see. A lot of shops feature just one or a couple stylists, so there's plenty of work beyond just cutting hair. Many barbers also have to handle transactions, pay bills, and clean up their shops. After a while, these responsibilities start to add up, so who has time to think about barber shop displays? We do! We've done all the work for you, so instead of scouring our online catalog for the supplies that suit your shop you can find them all right here!

Let's start with the displays people commonly associate with barbers. The barber shop pole is by far the most wide recognized fixture used at these types of locations. While we don't carry these fancy vintage poles, we do carry all kinds of custom printed banners and flags. The ability to customize these pennants allows barbers to brand their shops and grab attention from passersby. We also offer a wide range of stock banners that announce "Open", "Grand Opening", "Sale", and other messages. There's a barber shop flag for everyone at Displays2go simply because we offer both generic and customized banner options. Lots of businesses also use barber shop sidewalk signs to attract more business. Each design is different, but they all offer one similar feature: the ability to customize. Shop marker boards, letter boards, or standard poster holders. The only difference is how you create your message.

Once you've gotten your prospective customers to schedule a haircut and come inside, you'll want to keep them entertained. Customers love to change up their hairstyles because getting your hair cut is such a fun, transformative experience. But waiting your turn at the barber shop...not so much! Barbers and hairstylists can improve the overall experience for their customers simply by offering a little entertainment. Magazine racks are a staple for any waiting area but are especially useful for barber shops. Pick up any one of our wooden, metal, or plastic literature racks and fill with all the latest publications (emphasis on "latest" because no one likes to read an issue of TIME from March of '91). We even offer a unique collection of lobby furniture, including end tables and coffee tables, that incorporate literature pockets right into the design. Buying a magazine rack end table is a great way to save money since the fixture will serve not just one but two different purposes. Comfortable waiting room chairs are often overlooked, many times just for the sake of saving a few dollars. Believe it or not, using more comfortable chairs in your waiting area leaves a larger impact on customers than you might think so it's usually well worth the additional cost. Need even more entertainment? Consider a digital signage package so you can tailor slides that showcase your shop's capabilities and specialties. Many of the digital signage TV monitors can be programmed to show regular broadcasting as well, so it's a win-win. Just make sure to mount the TV with the appropriate stand or mount, so the screen and your customers are kept safe.

Barber shop shelving and display cases are great for any location that sells hair products. Present shampoo, beard oil, moustache wax, trimmers, and other retail supplies in a professional way with any one of our merchandise shelves. Our high quality shelving comes in a variety of designs, but wire and wood options are some of the most popular among hairstylists simply because they are so durable yet are light enough to move without a struggle. For a more permanent merchandising solutions, try out a glass display case. You can line up several rows of hair products and accessories with ease with a floor-standing, countertop, or wall mounted display cabinet. Many barbers have old antique tools that are on display in their shops as well. This is a perfect opportunity to use a glass showcase because it makes the items look very professional yet keeps them protected.

You've probably got your actual barber shop supplies covered, but you'll want to pick up other less specific fixtures we offer too. Think about when the customer is all done and goes to pay. What store fixtures might come in handy? Cash register stands and checkout counters for barber shops are available in a full array of designs and sizes. Some even feature customizable panels on the front that can be used for supplemental branding or seasonal advertising (think prom or wedding season!). Once your service counter is set up, you'll want to place a few sign holders on top with pricing or other information. Business card holders are the perfect countertop fixture. As customers pay, they'll see your calling cards and remember to grab one before leaving. This way, they can easily pull out the card and schedule their next haircut when the time comes. It's not often that you can do something so small and get such a big impact out of it, so why not get a calling card dispenser to boost return visits? This assortment of helpful barber displays is sure to help complete your shop's look and functionality. Take advantage of one-stop shopping and low prices every day at Displays2go.com!

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