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When you think of a buffet, what comes to mind? You can bet most people immediately think of a delicious display of mouth-watering food. Your average event guest will gladly help themselves to the smorgasbord of yummy dishes on the buffet tables, but chances are they won't notice the risers, linens, or signage that make the area look for professional and organized! Event organizers use a wide range of buffet supplies to pull off this effortless experience.

Let's start with the table itself. We offer buffet tables in 6' or 8' lengths with folding legs to make them easy to move around banquet halls. Many of these fixtures are made of plastic for added lightweight, portability. These buffet tables are usually outfitted with linens so they look nice in a wedding or reception environment. Layer the table with a bottom tablecloth, skirting, and even a top "fluffy" layer for the true high-end look. We offer buffet table linens for any desired appearance. Check out our entire selection of colors, shapes, sizes to find the tablecloths that best fit your tables.

Once you have your tables and buffet tablecloths squared away, it's time to start looking at the displays that will go on top of the smorgasbord. Chafers are commonly used to keep food hot during service. It's important to pair these chafing dishes with buffet signs that identify the food held inside. Fold polyester napkins into little flowers to hold serving utensils underneath. When serving rolls, salads, sandwiches, or any other dish that is served cold, you'll want to use risers to vary the display heights. Without added height, the buffet spread will look flat and unappealing. Use the porcelain and melamine dishes we offer to hold these unheated foods, and then place the dishes on top of coordinating risers. We even feature a selection of cake pedestals and candy dispensers for dessert buffets. Use a wicker basket for rolls or try a 3-tiered basket display for bagels and pastries in the morning. Individual bread baskets for banquet tables are also a great way to make sure your guests never go without a dinner roll! There are so many ways to get creative with your buffet supplies.

Quench your guests’ thirst, no matter the meal, with our line of beverage dispensers for buffets! Juice dispensers are great for events where breakfast is served. An ice core inside the dispenser keeps drinks cool without watering them down and a drip tray catches any unsightly spills. Customers can serve themselves orange juice, iced tea, or water from these high end displays, saving time for busy bar staff. For serving coffee from the buffet, try one of our stainless steel urns designed to be kept warm with sternos. Insulated coffee airpots are also great for keeping java warm in a convenient self-serve style. Keep a full stock of creamers, sugar packets, and stirrers available with our condiment caddies. We even offer labeled milk pitchers with vacuum insulation.

While it's very important to make the buffet spread look its best, there are other items that event organizers can purchase to help their establishment run more efficiently. Tray stands are a godsend for busy wait staff that doesn't have the time to run back to the kitchen with every dish they clear. Janitorial carts can be especially helpful for cleanup after the event. Our non-slip entrance mats can help prevent injuries as guests enter the building and our line of anti-fatigue mats can keep your kitchen or wait staff light on their feet all night!

These wide ranging displays allow business owners to provide the best possible experience to your valued guests. See what Displays2go can do for your company!

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