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outdoor signs
Sidewalk Sign for 24 x 36 Poster Boards, Double-Sided, Fillable Base - White
More Color Options Available! $184.99 #2 Best Seller!

sign boards
Sidewalk Sign for 24 x 36 Poster Boards, Double-Sided, Fillable Base - Black
More Color Options Available! $190.99 #3 Best Seller!

signage holder
Workshop Series 8.5 x 11 Acrylic Sign Holder for Wall, Side Insert - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $5.49

display frame
Workshop Series 8.5 x 11 Acrylic Sign Holder with Slant Back Design - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $7.49

gondola shelving
48"w Gondola Shelving w/ (2) Shelves and (10) 6-Inch Peg Hooks - Black
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $315.99 #1 Best Seller!

Corrugated Cardboard Bin Display
Cardboard Display for Floor, 3 Tiers, Removable Header - Black
More Color & Number of Tiers Options Available! $45.99 #4 Best Seller!

Suggestion Box With Lock
Acrylic Ballot Box with Lock & 6 x 4 Header - Black
More Color Options Available! $13.99

Black Trash Container
42 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can w/ Lid, Square - Black
More Color Options Available! $221.99

8' x 12' Black Banner Stretching Frame for Large Format Prints
8’ x 12’ Outdoor Banner Frame with Hinged Edges, Stretching Clamps - Black
More Banner Size (feet) & Color Options Available! $1,204.99

No matter what business you're in, making an impact and educating prospective customers is key. Car wash signs, including flags and banners, provide a great way to maximize exposure to your business and its offerings. Try using a custom printed banner or a stock message flag to tell customers about availability, special promotional packages, and general information. You can also advertise brand names you endorse, like car wax products or shammies. But above all, you can use car wash signage to reinforce your company name, so customers never forget and keep coming back.

As customers enter the service area, they'll probably head straight to the counter. Pick up a car wash service desk from Displays2go to make sure your office looks professional and customers know where to wait for assistance. If you are particularly busy or customers simply want to wait while their cars are cleaned, add some lobby furniture. Our car wash chairs and stools feature comfortable designs that ensure customers can sit for a while without getting up. Keeping customers (especially those with small children) entertained in your waiting area is crucial. Consider mounting a flat screen television on the wall with one of our brackets. Or, pick up a floor stand to broadcast live shows in the lobby. You can even buy digital signage displays for car washes in our online catalog, so customizing the TV broadcast with both advertising and live television is possible. If a digital signage system is out of your price range, consider a wall mounting or floor standing magazine rack. We even offer end tables with built in literature holders, so organizing all your waiting room publications is simple.

Car washes typically have retail areas as well where they sell accessories like car fresheners, paint treatments, interior stain removers, and squeegees. Retail spinner racks and store merchandising shelves are great for presenting all your retail goods. From simple countertop racks that hold gum and candy for the kids to full-height floor stands that organize car cleaning accessories, we've got a solution for you. Slatwall and gridwall panels are great additions to any unused retail wall. Set up one or multiple panels with a variety of attachments to present all your retail merchandise in the best way possible.

There are a variety of tools that will make quick work of the back of the shop too, like trash cans and recycling bins. If your car wash also does auto detailing, you'll want to make sure you have enough bins and receptacles to quickly clean out trash before vacuuming and shampooing the carpets. These trash cans are also great for placing near customer entrances to help keep the grounds clean. Car wash carts are some of the most practical shop supplies we carry. These rolling bins can accommodate all kinds of cleaning fluids, rags, and other auto detailing supplies. Simply wheel the car wash cart up to the work area to start and then roll it back to the shop when you're finished. If your employees routinely work outside, consider buying a car wash tent. These pop-up canopies protect workers on excessively hot days. The car wash tents can also be used on rainy days or any time the garage is already full. With all these practical car wash supplies, it's hard not to find something to improve your business!

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