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When planning the perfect event, one of the first things you need to do is plan your place settings. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, catering tables and chairs are a necessity. You'll probably want to pair all your catering furniture with table linens, napkins, and chair covers, which are available in a variety different colors. In addition to many color options, we also provide a wide assortment of table cover styles. Don't worry if you have round tabletops, we have table linens for them as well! Cocktail tables and coordinating covers are also available. These high-top catering tables are usually made from tempered glass, plastic, or wood while the linens are designed using a special stretch fabric. These types of tables are easy to transport and can even adjust in height quickly and easily. Use our catalog to offer your guests a variety of seating and dining options as you help them plan their special day!

Once you have decided on a seating arrangement that works for your catering tent or hall, you can move onto food and drinks. When it comes to serving hors d'oeuvres for example, our small porcelain appetizer plates and bowls are the perfect solution. The low prices are ideal for any catering company, especially when purchasing in bulk. Plastic caterer trays along with stainless steel dishes are great for presenting cold or hot foods. If you're looking for beverage dispensers, we carry single and dual tank designs that can accommodate any drinks. For the hot drinks, our airpots and coffee stations with organizers are perfect. The insulated design keeps your beverages warm for an extended period of time. Pitchers, tumblers, and plastic drinkware are also available. Speaking of drinks, we have a full line of portable bars that are great for catered events that offer alcoholic beverages. These wheeled serving stations are easy to transport and unpack and even come with all the necessary bar amenities like speed wells and ice bins. Use the catered event bars to keep your guests happy throughout cocktail hour and beyond.

Now let's move on to the main course. The perfect catering presentation will balance the elegance of your food with high quality serving equipment. Serving pedestals, risers, and multi-tier food stands are great for holding sirloin steaks, soups, salads, pasta, and much more. Make sure you don't forget the salad tongs! Tong holders with wire connectors are available to easily snap onto bread baskets and bins. If you are providing table service, serving trays and folding tray stands are incredibly helpful for waitstaff. Utility carts are another great catering tool for transporting coffee stations, place settings, and bussing dirty table settings at the end of the party. Most of our catering carts even come with locking casters for easy mobility.

Now for everyone's favorite part of a catered dinner or event - dessert! Our multi-tiered cupcake stands and cake domes will attract the eyes of anyone with a sweet tooth. If your catering company is in the market for another sweet display, our candy bins and acrylic cake pop stands will work great for any occasion. The candy bins come in many different sizes from 1 gallon to as big as 12 gallons, with an included scoop spoon. You can even use multiple containers to create the ultimate candy buffet, which is especially great for sundae bars!

Catered events don't always happen in the evening - we know that many of you serve breakfast as well as dinner. In these cases, we have a large inventory of breakfast catering supplies ready to be delivered to you. Portion control cereal dispensers, coffee stands, woven baskets for pastries, and juice dispensers are only a few of the selection of catering equipment we offer. Wire buffet risers are also great for presenting breakfast to your customers and their guests in a unique way. We have much more in the way of dining supplies and equipment, so view our entire online catalog now for get the best prices and top-of-the-line furniture and displays!

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