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Pop Up Banner Stands
Retractable Banner Stand with 33" x 78" Custom Printed Graphic - Silver
$292.23 #1 Best Seller! Banner & Flag Advertising > Retractable Banner Stands

crowd control posts
QueuePole.Economy 41.5" Black Stanchion Post with 6.5' Black Retractable Belt
More Belt Color Options Available! $50.99 #1 Best Seller! Facilities & Grounds > Stanchions / Crowd Control

comment boxes
Metal Ballot Box w/ 2 Side Pockets, Lock & 17 x 11 Header, Floorstanding - Black
More Color Options Available! $228.91 #3 Best Seller! Furnishings & Decor > Suggestion, Ballot & Donation Boxes

Glass Enclosed Bulletin Board
48" x 36" Enclosed Cork Board with Locking Doors - Silver
More Color & Common Size Options Available! $182.73 #1 Best Seller! Notice & Message Boards > Bulletin Boards

Silver Portable Literature Holder
6-Pocket Portable Literature FloorStand with Case, 2-Sided, Adjustable Height -Silver
More Color Options Available! $103.85 $93.47 #5 Best Seller! Literature Holders > for Magazines & Catalogs

31” Custom Vinyl Banner Stand
Retractable Banner Stand with Custom Printed 31” x 82” Vinyl Graphic – Silver
More Banner Size & Material Options Available! $347.74 #2 Best Seller! Banner & Flag Advertising > Retractable Banner Stands

Roll Up Display System
Retractable Banner Stand with 31" x 89" Custom Printed Graphic - Silver
More Banner Size Options Available! $367.54 #3 Best Seller! Banner & Flag Advertising > Retractable Banner Stands

Custom Pop Up Displays
10' Pop Up Trade Show Backdrop, Custom Graphics, Spotlights, Portable
More Overall Width Options Available! $1,300.99 #3 Best Seller! Exhibit Booths > Pop-up Displays & Exhibit Graphics

x banner stands
Banner Stand with Adjustable Width & Height - Silver
$37.30 #3 Best Seller! Banner & Flag Advertising > Non-Retracting Banner Stands

Wooden Restaurant Trash Can, Hardware Included
Trash Receptacle for 36 Gallon Bin, Tray Shelf, "Thank You" Message - Mahogany
More Color & Number of Compartment Options Available! $148.99 #4 Best Seller! Facilities & Grounds > Waste Receptacles & Ashtrays

wire racks
6-Tiered 29" Wire Display Rack for Tabletops, 2.5" Open Shelves, with Header - Black
More Options Available! $33.94 #2 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Wire Racks

Pole Mounting Hardware
Street Pole Brackets with Rods, Holds (1) 30"w Banner - Silver
More Banner Width Options Available! $187.28 #1 Best Seller! Banner & Flag Advertising > Street Pole Banners

Steel Cross Podium
Podium for Floor, Cross Design, Steel & MDF - Black
More Color Options Available! $166.87

Shaped Cross Pulpit
Podium for Floor, Cross Design, Steel & MDF - Silver
More Color Options Available! $166.87

Wood Magazine Rack for Office
12-Pocket Wood Literature Holder for Wall Mount Use, 6-Tiered - Mahogany
More Color & Number of Tier Options Available! $141.50

large corkboards
72" x 48" Enclosed Cork Board with 3 Locking Doors - Black
More Color & Common Size Options Available! $371.99

16" x 72" Gray Permanent Banner Stand w/o Graphic
Outdoor Banner Stand for 16” w Graphics, Permanent - Gray
More Banner Size & Color Options Available! $339.81

Church supplies like these keep a religious community functioning smoothly. Though not a typical business or office building, a house of prayer still needs to be equipped with the proper fixtures to serve its congregation. We make church pulpits, banners, flags, donation boxes, and other display tools for any religious application. Ministers, pastors, and rabbis have access to all sorts of unique yet affordable fixtures that are sure to keep churchgoers happy and comfortable while attending service.

Many Catholic and Christian church services are centered around a pulpit, lectern, or podium. This is the focal point of any service and the place from where pastors deliver inspiring sermons. Usually placed in the front of a sanctuary, church pulpits are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. Solid wood and clear acrylic podiums are some of our best-selling church supplies. Certain pulpits even come with crosses on the front. Other units are available with custom printed panels so clergy can choose a scripture verse or a church name to be printed on the stand's front. Many of these popular pieces of church furniture feature slanted tops with book ledges and interior shelves, which are ideal for storing bibles and offering trays. These religious podiums are sure to do justice to your priest or pastor's powerful message! Pair these podiums with a portable church backdrop to complete the sanctuary. A custom church backdrop provides a welcoming contextual environment for the eyes of the congregation during the sermon. Ensure that the congregation is able to hear every word with portable church audio systems and digitally integrated church lecterns with audio systems.

The tithing, or offering, is a common part of a religious service, one that church supplies are usually needed to help facilitate it. For offerings outside of service, locking donation boxes are available in wall mounting, countertop, or floor standing models. Place these the cases in common areas to make them readily available to your congregation. Many models feature sign holders that allow clergy to indicate what the offering box is for, such as a charity or other good cause.

While the chapel is a very important location in any church, there are many other puzzle pieces that make up a religious building! Collection baskets and offering boxes provide a practical way to collect donations from your congregation during the services. Churchgoers will often congregate following the service for coffee or gather on other days for bible study. With so many programs and activities going in within a religious community, bulletin boards are essential displays for letting members know about ongoing and upcoming events. Clergy can place flyers and pamphlets in this church signage to make it easily accessible for all. For larger displays of brochures, try a tract rack!

Another important way to get information to religious followings and communities is through the use of church banners and flags. Place these customizable signs outside of chapels to announce events and fellowship times, or to simply pass on a thoughtful Christian message to passersby! Church banners often feature cloth material that waves attractively in the wind. Sidewalk signs are smaller than these flags but easier to change and move around depending on your need. Choose customizeable banners and banner stands for vibrant, long lasting church decor. Outdoor church signs with changeable letters are popular for displays scriptures, message topics for the week, and other activities. Inside, church wall banners are hung in the nave, aisles, transept and sanctuary to communicate messages and decorate the interior. These wall banners can display words like "Hope", "Joy" and "Peace", or any other custom messages that are relevant to your service. Church literature dispensers are another great way to get the message out. Fill these displays with the pamphlets and brochures for your members!

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