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Craft Fair Displays for DIY Designs

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Clear Acrylic Cube Set of 3 Nesting Risers
Clear Acrylic Cube Risers with Hollow Bottoms, Set of 3 - Transparent
More Finish Options Available! $51.99 #5 Best Seller!

Corrugated Cardboard Bin Display
Cardboard Display for Floor, 3 Tiers, Removable Header - White
More Color & Number of Tiers Options Available! $53.99 #1 Best Seller!

Heavy Duty Folding Resin Chair with Seat Pad
Heavy Duty Folding Plastic Chair, Padded – Black
More Color Options Available! $54.99

Countertop 3-tier merchandise display is made of durable laminated particle board
3-Tier Shelving Unit, Countertop, Laminated Particle Board - White
More Placement Type & Number of Tiers Options Available! $78.99

Black Pegboard Display Stand- Spinning
Counter Pegboard Spinner Rack, Magnetic– Black
More Color Options Available! $126.99 #5 Best Seller!

folding table
8' Folding Table - White
More Overall Width Options Available! $183.99

menu boards
21 x 34 Write-On Board A-Frame, Dry Erase, Double Sided, Wood Frame - White
More Bulletin Surface Color Options Available! $212.99

Mobile female sewing mannequin with flat neck cap design
Female Dress Form with Wheeled Base, Adjustable Height - Silver
More Hardware Color & Gender Options Available! $255.99 #5 Best Seller!

outdoor signs
Sidewalk Sign for 24 x 36 Poster Boards, Double-Sided, Fillable Base - White
More Color Options Available! $256.99 #5 Best Seller!

Rustic Crate Display with Weatherwood Stain
Tiered Wooden Display, Floor Standing, Pine Frame, 4 Bins – Weatherwood
More Color Options Available! $271.99 #4 Best Seller!

director chair
Wooden Director's Chair, Folding, 29" High Canvas Seat - Black
More Color & Seat Height Options Available! $271.99

Portable dressing room with floor standing design
48 x 60 x 84.5 Aluminum Dressing Room Frame, Portable, Floor Standing - Silver
More Placement Type Options Available! $278.99 #1 Best Seller!

Craft show displays of all kinds have the ability to showcase your DIY products in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd. While other fair vendors may offer similar products for sale, these impressive fixtures can be the difference between someone going to your craft fair booth or the one next door. Custom jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are commonly seen at these events but are hard to display properly because they are so small. Using the proper craft show displays allows vendors to do justice to even the smallest items - so let's delve a little further into the best kind of fair supplies for your handmade wares.

Your craft fair booth is where all the magic happens at any event. Whether these small areas feature tents, tables, standing shelves, or folding partitions, it's most important that your booth showcases your goods appropriately. A craft fair tent can be a great choice for outdoor events, providing coverage from the sun and rain. If the festival is indoors, try a draped backdrop for a dramatic, framed effect. Clearly defining the areas of your booth can help draw in browsing shoppers, encouraging more interest and sales!

Once you have your tent area ready to go, you'll need to fill it with craft fair booth displays that are appropriate for the products you sell. These are the exhibits that actually show off your DIY creations, so they'll need to be just right. For handmade clothing, knitting, or crocheting, standing shelf units hold a large amount of merchandise and help save valuable floor space. Popular craft show display shelves are made of wood and feature natural oak finishes. For other items like painted dishware, keychains, and figurines, try one of many craft fair table displays with areas for custom signage. Other tabletop fixtures like rotating jewelry towers are great because they can display many pieces at once. For vendors on the go, a travel jewelry display case combines portability and functionality. Vendors simply open the solid wood case to showcase earrings and necklaces on inner hooks and bars, and then close it back up at the end of the event. Some jewelry travel cases hold up to 80 pieces! A craft fair table full of appealing handmade products is sure to impress your customer base!

One last essential line of displays to any DIY event are craft fair signs. These fixtures can call attention to even the smallest and most inconspicuous of handmade items. Choose a craft show banner or sign to promote your entire product line, or call out individual items and encourage sales of lesser known products. Either way, you're sure to improve your bottom line. Custom printed flags are perfect for outdoor events - just use the metal stake and stick it into the ground outside your booth and let it wave in the wind. Other flag options include fillable bases that are very stable when filled with water or sand. Inside, a chalkboard a-frame sign is a simpler choice for custom signage that looks just as nice. Even an acrylic tabletop frame can be effective for advertising prices for your DIY creations.

From indoor to outdoor, little or big, floor standing to tabletop, these event fixtures are sure to help you stand out from the crowd!

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