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24 x 36 frames
24 x 36 Poster Frame for Wall, Snap Open, 32mm Profile - Black
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $64.99 #1 Best Seller!

24x36 frame
24 x 36 Poster Frame for Wall, Snap Open, 32mm Profile - Silver
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $65.99 #4 Best Seller!

36x48 Clip Frame
36 x 48 Poster Frame for Wall, Snap Open, 1.5" Profile - Black
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $121.99

Snap Frame
22 x 28 Poster Frame for Wall, Snap Open, 25mm Profile - Silver
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $46.99

Clear and black model ship cases
Model Display Case w/ Lift-Off Top & Removable Riser, 0.25" Thick Acrylic, Black Base
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $227.99 #1 Best Seller!

Black Leather Bar Stool with High Backrest
Adjustable Stool w/ Leathette Seat, 360° Swivel, Backrest, Set of 2 - Black
More Color Options Available! $200.99 #5 Best Seller!

memorabilia display cases
13x13 Acrylic Display Case w/Removable Riser, Lift-Off Top & Black Base
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $138.99

window light box signs
27 x 41 LED Light Box with Hanging Line for Windows, Snap Open - Black
More Color & Media Size Options Available! $669.99

Black Display Case
41” Display Case w/ 9 LED Lights, Mirror Bottom, Enclosed Cabinet, Locking - Black
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $1,999.99

Mini Food Bin
1 Gallon Acrylic Candy Bin with a Slide-in Door
More Capacity (gallons) Options Available! $49.99

Game rooms are some of the most unique areas in homes. They provide a place where people can be themselves and show off their interests as well as get some quality relaxation time in. As a result, some of the most popular displays for game rooms include furniture and signs. Rec room bar stools are some of the most common furnishings, but portable card tables and folding chairs also great choices. Game room signs come in all shapes and sizes. Many people like to hang poster frames with their favorite movie or video game advertisements. Others like to display awards from tournaments and competitions using document-style picture frames. Some people even have custom banners printed up so they can hang comical, sports-themed, and other messages on the wall for all their visitors to see. Be sure to check out the full selection of signage solutions including illuminated poster frames, neon signs, banners & hanging systems, door name plates, and more!

While neon LED signs are popular for game and recreation rooms, our portable bars take it to the next level. If you are interested in adding something bright to your room, our mobile bars come complete with LED lights, custom graphics, ice bins, and speed rails. Consider pairing high-top barstools that stand at the perfect height with bars or pub tables available in this selection. These game room stools and table sets come with foot rests and 360 degree swiveling capabilities in many cases, which is ideal for consuming beverages in both style and comfort. Another great and often overlooked furnishing for a game room is a display case. These glass showcases allow enthusiasts to show off billiard, poker and other awards as well as collectibles. Choose a showcase with included LED spotlights to light up your collection and impress your friends!

Another rec room essential is a digital display along with flat screen TV stand, ceiling bracket, or wall mount. Setting up your television in the most visible area is great for hosting parties, especially during your favorite sports seasons. Wall and ceiling monitor mounts are ideal for saving floor space, so consider that when selecting your TV console setup. With the right equipment, you and your friends will be able to watch the game while you shoot pool or play card games. Our TVs come with cable/antenna inputs so you can watch football easily. Additionally, multiple HDMI and USB inputs allow for easy streaming on any devices you may have. You are even able to connect your surround sound with an external speaker and optical output. Our LG digital displays will make the perfect addition to your game room, especially since they are compatible with the newest technology.

Finding all the furniture and supplies you need for your game room has never been easier. This tailored selection offers display solutions for every rec room, so start decorating and outfitting yours today! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We will help find the right products for you!

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