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Decorative Picture Frames with Reflective Accents
4 x 6 Picture Frame for Tabletop or Wall, Tight Swirls, Aluminum - Silver
More Media Size Options Available! $4.33 $3.46 Save 20%

Black Cardboard Bulk Bins
Cardboard Dump Bin for Floor, Removable Header - Black
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $23.37

Beige Cigarette Receptacle
42" Outdoor Ashtray w/ Lift-out Pail, Round Base - Beige
More Color Options Available! $79.35 $63.55 Save 20%

Charcoal Entry Mat
3’ x 4’ Entry Mat - Charcoal
More Color & Rug Size Options Available! $72.03

Event Tables
23 x 42 Round Cocktail Table - White
More Color Options Available! $99.69

Foldable Literature Stand for Magazines and Catalogs
10-Tiered Metal Magazine Floor Stand, 8.5"w, 10 Pockets, Portable - Silver
More Color & Number of Pockets Options Available! $117.99 $100.29 Save 15%

LED Open/Closed Sign
"OPEN/CLOSED" LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Rectangular - Red & Yellow
$101.99 #3 Best Seller! Signage > LED Business Signs

mobile carts
40" Plastic Utility Cart, 3 Trays - Black
More Color Options Available! $112.99

mobile cart
40" Plastic Utility Cart, 3 Trays - Gray
More Color Options Available! $112.99

Round Bar Table
23 x 42 Round Cocktail Table - Black
More Color Options Available! $117.99

Black Literature Stand with Portable Design
10-Tiered Metal Magazine Floor Stand, 8.5"w, 10 Pockets, Portable - Black
More Color & Number of Pockets Options Available! $117.99

Spring Clip Merchandiser
Floorstanding Chip Bag Mechandiser w/ Header, Rotating, 72 Clips - Black
More Color & Number of Hooks Options Available! $123.99 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Blister Pack & Clip Displays

Highboy Table
31 x 42 Round Cocktail Table - Black
More Color Options Available! $128.99 #4 Best Seller! Furnishings & Decor > Tables

LED Open Signs
OPEN Animated LED Sign with Chains, Oval - Blue & Red
$136.99 #1 Best Seller! Signage > LED Business Signs

Laundromats usually aren't the most fun locations to hang out, but yours can be! With our laundry facility supplies, you can create an environment where customers can easily find everything they need as well as relax and stay entertained while waiting for their clothes to finish. One of the first ways to do this is by using laundromat signage. We offer all kinds of sign frames and displays, from simple acrylic frames that hang important safety notices on the wall to outdoor sidewalk signs and banner flags. Our selection ranges from indoor to outdoor and offers all kinds of stock and customized options, so crafting the perfect laundromat advertisement is simple.

Electronic signs provide a slightly different solution for advertising within a laundry facility. Laundromat digital signage can be used to not only customize promotions and announcements, but also to broadcast closed-circuit or live televisions. The ability to tailor the content on the television screen allows for better communication with customers and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Even with today's modern washers and dryers, a load of laundry still takes time. Laundromat customers do all kinds of things while they wait. Some people bring a laptop to finish school projects or work remotely. Others simply entertain themselves by reading a book or browsing the web on a smartphone. No matter how your customers pass the time, you'll want to ensure they are comfortable. Laundromat chairs and seating should be ergonomically designed so that sitting for long periods does not result in discomfort. Our wooden chairs feature padded seats and are perfect for laundry facilities. These individual seats are great for locations that require more versatility than banks of seats or benches can provide. Our end tables and coffee tables feature similar designs to the chairs and offer the same high quality craftsmanship and professional finishes. We often encourage our customers to mix and match chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and other laundromat furniture for the perfect combination. The wide assortment of color options allows any laundry facility manager to match their existing interior theme.

Our bar stools and pub table sets are a bit different than traditional laundromat seating but are every bit as useful. More and more businesses are modernizing the look of their establishments and these hightop tables and stools will do just that. Pick up some laundromat bar stools to place along the inside of your storefront window or develop a separate seating area complete with tables where customers can enjoy a snack or work more comfortably. If the stools are too tall or modern for your taste, you might also consider using some more traditional cafe or bistro-style tables.

While some laundromats install vending machines for snacks and detergent, others feature a service desk with a small retail area and an attendant. In rarer instances, there's a little restaurant, convenient store, or bodega right inside the business. Because many customers don't want to leave their laundry unattended, they don't tend to stray too far from their machines. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and sell more than just laundry service? You can purchase chip clips, candy bins, snack racks, and a variety of other retail food displays right here from this large online collection. Shop for floor, wall, and countertop point of purchase racks so you can sell more good and boost your bottom line.

Be sure to keep your facility clean and free of hazards with the proper site supplies from Displays2go. We carry utility carts, entry mats, trash cans, recycling bins, and even ashtrays for use outside. Making a good impression often starts with the cleanliness of your business, so don't forget these essential items!

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