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corrugated holder
Workshop Series Cardboard Display, 3 Tiers, Removable Header, 18 CDs/15 DVDs - White
More Number of Tiers Options Available! $2.90 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > CD / DVD Racks

Retail fixture slatwall 12" black shelf bracket
12” Metal Slatwall Knife Bracket for Shelf, Set of 2 – Black
More Color & Hook Type Options Available! $7.45

Gift Card Display
Workshop Series 3-Pocket Business Card Display for Tabletop, Slant Back - Silver
More Number of Pockets Options Available! $11.23 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Gift Card Displays

cd rack
Workshop Series Acrylic Display Rack w/ Header, 2 Tiers, Holds 10 CDs - Clear
More Number of Tiers Options Available! $17.31 $13.85 Save 20%

retail store display
3-Tiered Cardboard Magazine Floor Stand, 8.5"w, Header, Ships Flat - Black
More Color Options Available! $21.96 $18.66 Save 15%

poster frame
11 x 17 Sign Holder for Wall, Easy Slide-in Setup - Silver
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $19.04

wire display
4-Tiered 18-In Wire Rack for Tabletop Use, 2.5-In Open Shelves, with Header - Black
More Pocket Depth & Overall Width Options Available! $21.75

acrylic risers
U-Shaped Acrylic Risers, Set of 5 Different Sizes - Clear
More Color Options Available! $37.51 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Risers

Snap Together Poster Frame – Aluminum
22 x 28 Poster Frame for Wall, Snap Open, 45mm Profile - Black
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $39.24

46.5 x 36-Inch Cork Bulletin Board with Wooden Frame - Oak
More Common Size Options Available! $62.13

crowd control posts
QueuePole.Economy 41.5" Black Stanchion Post with 6.5' Black Retractable Belt
More Belt Color Options Available! $62.99 #1 Best Seller! Facilities & Grounds > Stanchions & Crowd Control

Light Up Open Sign
"OPEN" Vertical LED Sign with Hanging Chain - Red & Blue
More Overall Width Options Available! $74.52

literature racks
24-Pocket Book or DVD Stand for Floor, Full-View Pockets, Header Clip - Black
$115.99 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > CD / DVD Racks

Mobile Laptop Desk
Height Adjustable Laptop Stand w/ Tilting 28" Platform - Black
More Top Surface Width Options Available! $174.99 #3 Best Seller! Meetings & Presentations > Laptop Stands

book racks
16-Pocket Wire Book Stand for Floor, Rotating, with Header Clip - Black
$178.99 #1 Best Seller! Literature Holders > Books

Solid White Store Counter
48" White Cash Wrap w/ 3 Adjustable Storage Shelves & Flat Top
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $201.99

Create an inviting and approachable music equipment store with supplies providing enthusiasts a comfortable area to take instruments for a spin. Elevate amps on shipping cases or utility carts to allow patrons to grab a cord, plug in, and play. Durable, yet portable, practice stools offer an optimal seating area with a free range of motion for guitarists and bassists to test equipment in your music retail setting. Proper signage welcomes musicians to pick up an instrument and test it out using the suitable sound system necessary to make an educated decision with their purchase.

Hang smaller merchandise like blister packs of picks, stringed instrument straps, tuners, cables and even larger items like instrument cases and stools from slatwall fixtures. Don't forget loss prevention hook locks to keep your more valuable music store items on display, but safe from prying hands. The ways music shop owners can rearrange and revamp their retail merchandise is endless with a continuous slatwall display. These slotted panels work with various styles of hooks, bins, shelves, and hangers. Hanging or stacking retail products on music store shelves within reach of your customers provides freedom to browse and shop without assistance, so you can spend more quality time on the floor or stocking your inventory.

Keep more delicate or expensive merchandise within musical equipment store display cases, counters, or towers. These music supply showcases lock for security and protection. Easily create a cash crap configuration for a designated check out area that also includes enclosed base cabinet storage for extra inventory. Elevate smaller items on risers to create differing tiers. These risers help utilize space more efficiently, so you can get more gear in your music store supply showcases. Conveniently present a multitude of items such as studio grade microphones, tuners, footswitches, special effects pedals, recording gear, and lighting controllers within a locking display case. Half view or full view display cases house new and used items beautifully and neatly. Music store retail apparel and collectibles, such as jewelry, watches, photos, plaques, decals, figures, art pieces and lunchboxes, will make a statement and build intrigue when locked within a music store counter. Store owners can provide customers the opportunity to browse, but can also require assistance when customers want to access to more expensive retail merchandise. These cash wraps, counters, and general store fixtures are the ideal solution for music shop theft prevention.

Ceiling or wall mounting television brackets and custom printed banners help direct customers to specific areas of your music store designated for various musical instruments. Why not categorize your display floor by types of instruments for better organization and efficiency? Allow your customers to feel comfortable and engage with your music retail merchandise with artful and classic music store signs. For those that are newer to the industry they may be seeking lessons, classes, or instructional books. Help create a comfortable tutorial area with waiting room music store furniture. These furnishings provide your students with a comfortable setting to pass the time while they wait. Many waiting areas also offer reading materials shelved within orderly pockets, so students can quickly flip through and entertain themselves. Literature racks with slots designated for sheet music or manuals that spin or roll for portability are a great option, which allows music store clerks to rearrange and stock accordingly.

There are additional components that keep music retail stores operational that are often overlooked. Trash and recycle bins, front entry floor mats, outdoor ashtrays, janitorial carts, hand sanitizer displays, and stanchions help maintain a well-kept music retail setting environment. Provide comfort for your employees with anti-fatigue floor mats while they diligently work behind your counters for hours. Rather than paying the big bucks to install surveillance equipment, utilize our fake ceiling and wall mounting security cameras which rotate, tilt, lock, and include an LED blinking light for a more realistic appearance. Now that the fundamentals have been accounted for, your retail music store supplies will surely reap the benefits of an orderly establishment!

Promote offers, deals, and your store itself with custom printed giveaway items. What better way to get the word out about your music shop than with promotional items like reusable bags, pens, and tumblers? Create a buzz around you company with indoor or outdoor wet erase and chalkboard A-frames to update periodically with news and events. Floor standing clothing racks with hangers or shelves are excellent music store supplies to showcase band swag, artist gear, or company materials. Freestanding or countertop CD and DVD racks are a must in music retail venues, whether they are for entertainment or educational purposes, made of cardboard or metal, spinning or stationary all types are pertinent. Pockets with adjustable hooks provide slots for displaying vinyl albums or larger compilation discs. Strategically place gift cards or business cards within a freestanding holder at your checkout counter. Cardboard or wire dump bins can be filled with smaller impulse purchase items for customers to browse while they wait for service. Don't forget your store hour signs and music store window displays to place on your door and front windows to remind satisfied customers to come again. Also, inspire shoppers by mounting prints of your favorite bands, artists and composers with an easy loading concert poster frame

So keep on influencing and encouraging the future generation of rock stars with your music retail store supplies. Maybe someday you will be able to say you knew one of those musicians when they were just starting out and before they enthusiastically said "Thank you Cleveland! Goodnight!"

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