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Wire countertop display rack
Wire Rack for Countertop Use with 3 Open Shelves, Black
$48.99 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Wire Racks

retail cash wrap
Black Cash Wrap w/ 3 Adjustable Storage Shelves
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $237.99

Potato Chip Rack
Floorstanding Potato Chip Rack w/ Header, Rotating, 108 Clips - Black
More Color & Number of Hook Options Available! $140.99 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Blister Pack & Clip Displays

Metal Newspaper Rack
2-Tiered Wire Newspaper Rack for Floor, with Separate Header - Black
$29.99 #1 Best Seller! Literature Holders > Newspapers

Sanitizing Station
11 x 17 Menu Floor Stand, Snap Open, Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Silver
$129.99 #1 Best Seller! Facilities & Grounds > Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Black Pegboard Display Stand- Spinning
Counter Pegboard Spinner Rack, Magnetic– Black
More Color Options Available! $84.99 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Pegboard

LED Open Signs
OPEN Animated LED Sign with Chains, Oval - Blue & Red
$126.99 #1 Best Seller! Signage > LED Business Signs

gondola display
24"w Gondola Shelving w/ (2) Shelves and (10) 6" Peg Hooks - Black
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $167.08 #4 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Pegboard

Chip Display Rack
Countertop Merchandise Stand w/ Sign Holder, Rotating, 36 Clips - Black
More Color Options Available! $60.99 #5 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Blister Pack & Clip Displays

Tabletop Cardboard Display, Shinny White
Countertop Cardboard Display, 3 Tiers, Removable Header - White
$9.99 #4 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Cardboard Displays

Entryway Floor Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with 11” x 17” Sign Frame, Floor Standing - Silver
More Media Size Options Available! $112.99 #3 Best Seller! Facilities & Grounds > Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

menu card holder
Workshop Series 11 x 8.5 Acrylic Sign Holder, Bottom Insert, T-style - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $7.54

gondola shelving
48"w Gondola Shelving w/ (2) Shelves and (10) 6" Peg Hooks - Black
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $234.30

White Countertop Spinner Display, Steel Wire
Counter Spinner Rack w/ Sign Holder, (12) 2.125" Hooks - White
More Color Options Available! $10.62 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Jewelry Displays & Mirrors

Hand Sanitizer Wall and Countertop Dispenser
Workshop Series, Tabletop / Wall Mounted Acrylic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Clear
$14.99 #5 Best Seller! Facilities & Grounds > Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

8 x 24 Narrow Black Wood Shelf
8” x 24” Slatwall Shelf - Black
More Options Available! $7.88

Black Cardboard Bulk Bins
Cardboard Dump Bin for Floor, Removable Header - Black
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $23.37

cardboard point of sale display
Cardboard Display, 4 Removable Peg Hooks - Black
More Color Options Available! $9.87

When outfitting a pharmacy with the right store fixtures, there are a few things to consider. One of the first orders of business is to design your store layout. Think about how customers will browse and shop. Then, make sure you accommodate their needs by selecting the proper pharmacy shelving. Drugstore shelves include gondolas, slatwall systems, checkout counters, and cash wraps. Keeping toiletries and medicine neatly organized on the shelf is your best bet for helping customers find what they need. Once they have found what they are looking for, you'll want to direct them to nearest checkout counter so their drugstore shopping experience is seamless. After they have reached the counter, they may need to pick up a prescription. Store managers should always make sure the cash wraps are set up so that pharmacy technicians are accessible. This way, customers aren't waiting around for help.

Another common drugstore merchandise fixture is a locking glass display case. More expensive items with higher theft risk are frequently kept under lock and key so customers can browse but most ask for assistance when purchasing the items. Some of the most popular items to store in a drugstore display case include diet supplements, at-home tests, women's fragrances, and men's cologne. Many pharmacy managers use a set of merchandise risers that fit perfectly inside of the case to arrange products in more alluring presentation. The drugstore risers can also be placed on top of a display case and used to show tester bottles or other samples. The locking cabinet doors protect products from being stolen from your store, but are easy for pharmacy clerks to open once unlocked. These cabinets usually feature a lift-style top or easy-to-roll sliding doors on ball bearings, so accessing the products inside is a cinch.

New pharmacy signage will make a big difference to your storefront. Consider purchasing a custom printed flag or stock message banner to entice more customers. We offer a wide variety of drugstore flags and banners with pre-printed messages, like "welcome", "grand opening", and "sale". These generic messages work great for any pharmacy. You might also install some aisle signs (either wall mounted or ceiling hung) to better direct customers. You'll also want to label each type of product on the shelving with shelf talkers and other small sign holders. Drugstore price clips are perfect for labeling costs and showing limited-time sale prices.

Bulletin boards are usually found in the back, near the pharmacy checkout counters, where they inform customers of additional services and events. Many druggists will post information about seasonal vaccine shots or updates about specific pharmaceutical drug recalls. These cork boards and locking message boards are able to be mounted to the wall so any postings are prominently displayed. And the locks are a great feature too because they prevent anyone from tampering with your important pharmacy notices.

Photo processing is an additional service that many pharmacies tend to provide. Editing and processing film to your customers' standards can be time consuming, so make sure high-top stools or chairs are available to guarantee that the customers are comfortable while printing their favorite photos.

When checking out of the store, customers will usually have to wait in line. Make sure they know where to go by setting up a crowd control system, like our retractable belt pharmacy stanchions. Additionally, why not show digital signage on television to keep patrons entertained? Choose one of our ceiling or wall TV mounts to securely fasten your signage monitor, so that customers can view news, weather, and even live television shows as they wait. Providing entertaining digital signage in your pharmacy will make time seem to move faster for clients. You can also inform your customer base of breaking medical alerts, regional news, and other important healthcare tidbits.

Displays2go provides pharmacy furniture and fixtures at the lowest prices around. Take advantage of top quality drugstore displays while getting faster shipping than you would at a competitor! If you have questions, feel free to contact our customer service department. Our associates are more than happy to help you find products you need to make your pharmacy a success.

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