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Pop Up Shop Shelving and Signage for Flash Retailing Events

Pop Up Retailing - Your Shop Is Here Today & A New Location Tomorrow

Outdoor street fair showing vendors selling wares on pop-up shop fixtures

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Want to take advantage of the latest trend in retail? Flash retailing with pop-up shop displays is great for creating limited time sales events with a sense of urgency. Companies and entrepreneurs use temporary retail locations to test new revenue streams, build interest in their brand, or take advantage of a holiday shopping season. Our pop-up shop displays create modern merchandising presentations that make it easy to get in, make a killing, and get out. We offer a wide variety of flash retailing fixtures, from shelving units and clothing racks to display tables and mannequins to feature your hot new merchandise. Our selection includes pop-up shop displays that get the word out too — browse sidewalk signs, hanging signage, and customizable displays for the ideal branding campaign. Prepare for your audience with iPad kiosks to handle transactions, stanchions to direct crowds of customers, and chic furniture that adds to your too-hot-to-stay image.

Flash retailing is growing in recent years because the way consumers shop is changing. With online shopping becoming more and more common, people are starting to value experiences more than the products themselves. Pop-up stores make great limited-time opportunities for shoppers and gives them a reason to go out. It's hard to create this feeling of novelty in a traditional retail shop. Even large retailers have begun using rotating storefronts to give shoppers a reason to come back and spend. For owners, pop-up shops are a great way to use scarcity to drive sales while experimenting with merchandising. Renting a retail space for a short period of time is more cost effective because customers will flock to the location to buy before time runs out. This sense of urgency is perfect for motivating people to go shopping in the real world.

Pop-up shops appeal to consumers with their trendy product selection and modern convenience. Why not use contemporary décor for the complete package? Our catalog is full of fashionable merchandising fixtures with both modern and vintage styles. Contemporary nesting tables are great for featuring all types of merchandise while giving flash retailers options for storage. This block-style furniture has a simple, modern design that doesn't distract from the makeup and clothing on display. Our collection of rustic industrial store fixtures have their own trendy style that features natural wood tones and sturdy steel supports. Slatwall and gridwall great easily-to-customize merchandising displays on both walls and store floors. We offer a large selections of hooks, shelves, baskets, and other hardware that help create the ideal flash retail outlet.

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