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office card holders
3-Tiered Business Card Holder for Tabletops, 6 Pockets, Wood - Oak
More Color & Number of Pockets Options Available! $33.99

menu chalkboard
21 x 34 Write-On Board A-Frame, Chalk, Double Sided - Black
More Color & Bulletin Surface Color Options Available! $213.99

a frame banner sign
78"w Outdoor Pop Up A-Frame Sideline Banner - Custom Printed Graphics
More Banner Size Options Available! $268.99 #5 Best Seller! Banner & Flag Advertising > Pop-up & Inflatable Banners

Tradeshow Backdrop
8' Custom Printed Banner for Trade Show Backdrops
More Overall Width Options Available! $734.99

suspended signage for 8-1/2" x 11" signs
Workshop Series (8) 8.5 x 11 Ceiling Sign Holders with Chains and S Hooks - Clear
More Number of Columns & Orientation Options Available! $99.36

Illuminated Window Signs
22 x 28 LED Light Box with Hanging Line for Windows, Snap Open - Silver
More Color & Media Size Options Available! $349.99

Cake Platters with 11-inch Diameter
11" Round Serving Tray for Cakes, White
More Color & Overall Diameter Options Available! $20.47

2 shelf magazine rack with 6 spaces for 8.5x11 catalogs
2-Tiered Wood Literature Wall Rack, 4"/8.5"w, 6-12 Pockets - Light Oak
More Number of Pockets & Color Options Available! $107.99

Wooden magazine rack for wall for waiting rooms and lobbies
3-Tiered Wood Literature Wall Rack, 4"/8.5"w, 9-18 Pockets - Medium Oak
More Color & Number of Tiers Options Available! $128.99

Three Shelf Magazine Rack
3-Tiered Magazine Floor Stand, 8.5"w, 24 Pockets - Black
More Number of Pockets Options Available! $564.99

Black Magazine Rack
4-Tiered Magazine Floor Stand, 8.5"w, 32 Pockets - Black
More Number of Pockets Options Available! $750.99

cash register stand
48" Cash Wrap w/ Adjustable Storage Shelves & Pull-out Drawer - Maple
More Color & Overall Width Options Available! $314.99

Feather Banner with 2 Color Custom Print
Custom Feather Flag with Fillable Water Base - 2 Color Printing
More Base Type & Overall Height Options Available! $105.99

Feather Banner with 3 Color Custom Print
Custom Feather Flag with Fillable Water Base - 3 Color Printing
More Base Type & Overall Height Options Available! $107.99

Portable Wet Bar
65” Professional Portable Bar, Steel - White
More Lighting Options Available! $2,773.99

The service industry represents a huge portion of all business in today's world. Whether your company handles people's personal finances, cleans up environmental hazards or simply serves fast food, you deal directly with customers on a daily basis. Improving customer service is a great way to make sure your clients keep coming back. Using the proper displays to guide and assist your customers when they need help is sure to keep them coming back.

So what are service supplies? A service industry supply is really anything that helps your company or non-profit assist customers. Consider a law office's needs when it comes to clients. Most respectable law firms don't just toss a couple of folding chairs in the waiting area in hopes that their clients will be comfortable. Instead, legal service businesses will spring for higher quality seating that not only guarantees comfort, but also projects the right image of the firm. Let's face it, people will be much more willing to shell out a hefty retainer fee if it looks like you reinvest in your business regularly. The proper customer service furniture is just one example of the many types of displays we offer to streamline your business.

Signage is one of the best ways to advertise to customers as well as direct them to their intended destinations. Outdoor flags and banners can be custom printed with logos and taglines that entice customers off the street, while indoor poster frames can be used to show advertisements for upcoming sales and ongoing promotions. We also offer tons of sign frames that are perfect for showing accreditations, certifications, awards, and charters. There is even a full selection of stock and DIY office door signs for labeling the various locations in large buildings or complexes. Directory boards also come in handy when telling patrons and visitors where to find the services they require. Many feature letter sets that allow for quick customized messages to be created, yet the messages are extremely legible unlike some custom-made signs. A letter board directory display is the perfect solution for any business that has frequent office location changes.

Standing in a customer service line isn't something that people tend to enjoy, but it is a fact of life. Maintaining order is one of the best ways to make your customers' wait a little more tolerable. You may want to set up retractable belt stanchions or post & rope systems, so customers know exactly where to stand. Many of the service line displays come with additional sign toppers and frames that say things like "Line Forms Here" or "Please Wait Here for Next Available Teller". These customer service signs will help avoid confusion and keep lines moving.

Site furnishings and general customer service supplies will dress up any lobby or waiting room while adding more functionality. Entry floor mats come in both stock and custom designs. Placing a customized entry mat at the door is a great way to reinforce your brand to customers not only as they enter but also as they leave. Trash cans, recycling bins, and ash trays are ideal for keeping the grounds clean, so your company has the most professional appearance. Janitorial service carts offer a practical way to keep all your cleaning supplies organized and the wheels allow for easy mobility throughout your business.

A service desk, or lobby counter, provides the perfect platform for assisting customers when they arrive no matter what your business does. We carry a wide array of lobby desks and customer service stations that are great for all industries, from the career service sector to the marketing service industry. As the customer approaches the counter, they might see informative pamphlets displayed in brochure holders, business cards set out in a countertop tray, or poster stands featuring special offers & advertisements. Make sure to pick up all the supplies you need to make sure your customer receives the best quality of service, so they'll keep coming back for years to come.

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