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Swap meets bring all kinds of people together, from casual weekend shoppers to full-time collectors. In fact, these events have become so popular that navigating the crowds can be difficult, especially for vendors looking to make their mark. Although standing out in a sea of swap meet booths is a challenge, it is not an impossible challenge. Displays2go is here to help you make the most of your limited booth space while maximizing exposure at every event.

One the first ways vendors set themselves apart is by using signs, banners, or flags. These colorful beacons come in all kinds of designs and many are made specifically for outdoor use, which is ideal for lots of event locations. Our selection of swap meet flags and banners can be printed with tailored logos, emblems, slogans, and other unique messages. Custom signs like these give vendors the ideal platform for sending powerful messages that set their booths apart from the rest of the sellers. Consider purchasing multiple swap meet banners if you carry several brands, types of products, or you simply have more than one important message to advertise.

Another great way to customize your vendor stall is with a tent. Swap meet tents come in several different sizes and feature many unique features. Most are suited for outdoor use, which is great for meets that take place outside especially if it's excessively sunny or starts to rain. Imagine how convincing your booth will be if you're the only one with shelter from the elements. You can bet that the crowds will certainly find your stall in a downpour, so why not take advantage and plan ahead? The added shelter will also be great for preventing damage to your products from water or excessive sunlight. Want to double the impact of your swap meet displays? Get a vendor stall tent and have it custom printed along the canopy and valances. This way, you can protect your products, provide shelter for eager customers, and advertise your message in a prominent yet professional way. Most of the tents feature easy assembly and disassembly, so getting set up or packing your stall away is simple at every swap meet.

With signage and a tent, you're almost ready to get started. Now, you just need some portable folding tables and merchandising shelves to showcase all your wares! Our plastic folding tables are ideal for swap meets because they set up so easily. The durable construction features a long-lasting top and rugged metal framework underneath that is sure withstand repeated use. The wide tabletops provide plenty of space to highlight all your products. But if you need some more room on your swap meet tables, consider a set of acrylic risers or a tabletop display rack. These compact merchandising solutions elevate products in an attractive way while conserving space. We even offer portable and countertop display cases, which are great for more expensive wares that must remain enclosed while on display. Is your table looking a bit drab or beat up? Purchase a stock or custom table cover to spruce it up. The small investment will seem trivial once you see the effect of the upgraded booth. If you're going to be working long days tending your stall, purchase some folding chairs so you can get some rest while you continue to assist customers.

While this collection has been hand-selected with swap meets in mind, there are other products available from Displays2go.com that will also benefit your vendor stall. If you have literature that accompanies your product line, get a few brochure holders or pamphlet racks to distribute your hand-outs. Need to keep your stall area clean? Pick up a trash can or other waste receptacle. These bins will make quick work of rubbish left behind by customers and will allow you to pick up your space and leave much more easily at the end of the event. Browse our complete assortment online any time and take advantage of low prices as well as fast shipping every day!

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