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Bussing Carts

Restaurant and Busboy Carts

Bussing carts, sometimes called restaurant or busboy carts, make it easy to clear off tables in food service establishments after guests have finished their meals. The multi-tiered design of each trolley provides enough shelving to accommodate dirty dishes, glasses, and silverware from several tables at once. As a result just one bussing cart can make quick work of a large restaurant dining area. Although these food service trolleys feature multiple shelves so they can transport lots of dinnerware at one time, they have narrow designs that allow them to be maneuvered easily in tight spaces. The smooth rolling wheels pivot so navigating through crowded dining rooms, halls, and cafeterias is effortless. Quick turnaround time is crucial for busy restaurants and purchasing a busboy cart can really make a difference. Imagine carrying all those dirty dishes back to the dishwashers or resetting the tables without one of these trolleys. Your arms would certainly get tired carrying all that tableware on trays!

One of the best features of these bussing carts is the plastic construction. Not only is the material very durable, but it's also lightweight. If the carts were too heavy, they would be very hard to maneuver in between restaurant tables and chairs. Yet another advantage of the plastic construction is that it is easy to clean. As with any food service location, there are health safety rules and regulations that must be followed. The plastic design can be wiped down or even hosed off in just a few minutes. This way, left over food particulates and other harmful germs aren't passed from one customer to the next. There are many different options for our restaurant and food service carts. Choose from a variety of designs, including fully open and partially enclosed shelves, as well as accessories and attachments like trash bins. Streamline your restaurant service today with these handy carts!

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