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Computer Podiums - Multimedia Presentation & Lecture Stands

Podiums for Computers, Projectors & Other Modern Technology

Want to get your students excited about learning again? Add a computer podium to your classroom to update your curriculum! These mobile lecture stands offer a unique platform for teaching that allows instructors to integrate multimedia, including images, slideshows, audio clips, and videos. Studies have shown that students learn in very different ways. These computer podiums allow professors and teachers to transform their scholastic presentations so that every student is engaged. Rather than simply talking for hours or forcing students to read lengthy chapters, instructors can present information in a more palatable format that appeals to many minds. Lectures and presentations at the professional level will also benefit from these computer lecterns. Whether you are a guest lecturer in a small classroom or a professional public speaker at a national convention, your "smart podium" presentation is sure to leave an impact on your audience.

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