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Conductor Displays | Stands for Sheet Music & Concert Programs

Stands & Podiums for Conductors, Maestros & Music Teachers

Stand for Music ConductorsConcert masters and conductors are essential to the success of any musical performance, which is why they must always be comfortable. Our floor stands feature ergonomic designs for just this reason! Each lectern features a slanted surface that ensures sheet music and programs are visible to the user at all times. Most every option comes equipped with a lip along the bottom edge that prevents papers from sliding off onto the floor. Some of the stands feature adjustability, so the top can be tilted to the proper angle. Other designs adjust height-wise to accommodate both shorter and taller conductors.

Duties of the Conductor & Why Stand Selection Matters

A conductor or band leader performs many tasks from behind their post despite the fact it just looks like a bunch of emphatic gesticulation and hand movements. Perhaps the most important duty is keeping time. Conductors wave their batons about to signal beats, tempo, and ensure that certain sections of the group come in on their cue. In addition, a concert master will set the mood of the piece using dynamics. Dynamics refers to the softness or loudness of the playing. Some parts are played very quietly, which is called pianissimo while other parts are the loudest, or fortissimo. So what do all these complicated words have to do with selecting the right performance stand? The answer is simple. First of all, the stand must keep the sheet music at the right height for viewing without obscuring the conductor, which is why height adjustability and a minimal design are so important. This way, all the musicians and singers can follow along. Additionally, the material of the stand should be durable enough to withstand repeated taps of the baton. Conductors often tap their batons on the side of the sheet music holder to get the attention of their players just before a piece begins. A baton is commonly made from lightweight wood, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. All of these materials are designed to last for a long time, which is exactly why we use such high quality materials to manufacture these floor stands.

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