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Earring Tree Holders - Single & Multi-Pair Stands

Earring Trees Put a Decorative Spin on Standard Jewelry Display Fixtures

Selling earrings is a competitive business, and there are often so many unique items that it is difficult to give them all their fair share of attention. Earring tree holders are a unique way to display pairs of hoops, studs and bangles. These models are available in acrylic, velvet and metal. Individual pairs are great for displaying special items that are a featured part of a collection. Trying to showcase both necklaces, bracelets and earrings? Some of the metal displays offer slots to display different types of jewelry.

The simple design of these earring trees features holes to clasp the earrings into so they will remain on the displays the entire time. Don't worry about hoops falling off because they are too large or heavy. Tree style displays allow merchandisers to keep earrings separate so purchasers can scope out the individual design, while also seeing how the pair looks together. The subtle colors of these displays easily mesh with any matting and backdrop typically found in a jewelry display case.

How you market jewelry is one of the most important factors in closing the sale. These simple stands have a unique design that will accentuate any important jewelry pieces. These holders are much more conservative than your typical stand or tower. While towers are effective for displaying jewelry, they are large, cumbersome and can take up floor or cabinet space. A simple countertop stand will be just as effective in displaying your jewelry and conserve lots of space. Try a combination of towers, stands, holders and ramps to outfit an entire store.

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