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Karaoke Monitor Stand

A Karaoke Monitor Stand to Hold Flat Screens on Stage

Calling all amateur singers! Step on stage and belt out your favorite tunes while following the lyrics on a karaoke monitor stand! These flat screen mounts are ideal for social gatherings, bars, and game nights. Want you hold your own singing competition at your home? You can do that too! Use the bar’s speaker system or your iPod at your house to pump the tunes while you play the lyrics on your flat screen to follow! You don’t need an expensive karaoke system - just a TV, a stand, and any sort of sound system!

Each karaoke monitor stand on this page offers features that would be beneficial for use during singing events. For example, some units are completely portable - meaning users can easily fold them up and store them in included carrying cases between events. Other karaoke TV stands come on wheels, so users can roll them around event spaces or into closest for storage. Great for stages or raised platforms, our shorting, tilting monitor stands are nonintrusive while perfectly displaying the screen for a performer to read the lyrics. Don’t let a poorly positioned flat screen ruin a near-perfect rendition of “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips! Tilting TV stands are great for karaoke nights because their adjustable brackets can be moved to an ideal position every time. So down your drink and grab the mic because it’s time to sing your heart out with the help of our screen stands!

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