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Manikin - Realistic & Abstract Forms

Fashion Manikin for Retail Displays

A store manikin is a popular choice for displaying clothes and accessories on a realistic body form. This kind of fashion display allows shoppers to envision the displayed clothing on themselves - something that’s much easier to do than if the outfit was simply hanging on a rack. Purchase a manikin in realistic or abstract versions, depending on the look you’re going for! These full body forms are also available in many different positions so you can choose the best pose for displaying your merchandise.

The term manikin is used to refer to many types of dummies and body forms. Besides as store displays, manikins are used as CPR training models, as well as adjustable forms for artists and designers. Our favorite, however, is the style of manikin used in clothing stores. With durable fiberglass bodies and attractive tempered glass bases, these displays are truly worth any investment!

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