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Nail Polish Racks For Salons & Spas

Use Nail Polish Racks to Increase Point-Of-Purchase Sales or Organize Colors for Manicures

Does your salon or spa do manicures? And does it sell some of the nail polishes that are used? A nail polish rack can help organize items so customers can easily browse different selections. Use different tiers and rows to organize either by color or brand. With so many different shades of nail polish available, retailers can set up a nice light to dark gradient, making it both easy to navigate and visually appealing. Racks are available that can display as many as (126) bottles. Models are available in acrylic and metal. Some nail polish racks are versatile and can be used either on countertops or as a wall mount display. By using it as a wall mount, marketers can conserve valuable countertop space at salons and spas.

Nail polish stands are great for residential use! Is your wife taking up all the "shared" bathroom counter space? Buy her a nail polish organizer as a gift. She can keep everything organized for easy access, and you can reclaim some of the counter real estate that you thought was lost forever. These racks will fit comfortably on large counters, underneath the sink in designated storage space, or mounted on the wall. With plenty of placement options, these stands are a can't miss.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • These displays seem versatile, what else can I use them for? While intended for nail polish, these racks also make great spice displays. The wall stands are great for quick and easy access while cooking?
  • I have a large store and would need multiple displays, can you help me out? Why yes, we can! Displays2Go offers price breaks and items purchased in large quantities to help large businesses.
  • What kinds of style and design differences are available? The major differences in this nail polish display line are material, presentation and functionality. Choose between acrylic or metal construction. Tiered displays allow customers to view all products, while vertical rows may block some items. For functionality, options include wall mount countertop, or hybrid wall mount countertop.

Last but not least, department and retail stores can benefit from these displays. Countertop models can help makeup departments increase POP sales. Set up exclusive merchandising displays to push customers towards a specific brand or product line. The acrylic models will nicely mesh with glass display cases and other countertop fixtures.

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