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Plastic Stanchions

Lightweight Plastic Stanchions for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Retailers, presenters and service providers who draw a crowd find endless uses for plastic stanchions. With a lightweight and portable construction, they can be loaded in the truck and set up at the next trade show with little effort. Their weighted bases will keep them stable in the wind and prevent them from being knocked over in areas with large crowds and foot traffic. The heavy foundations are perfect for any surface, and can even sit on fluffy grass. Some plastic stanchions are contructed with a clear hollow post that can be filled with swag, like candy or small merchandise. Retailers love this because they're able to impress their customers and spice up their storefront in a fun and engaging way.

Many stanchions include custom inserted graphics for a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy. There's no mistaking the booth, tent or retailer that has branded plastic stanchions, and the line barrier is often the first fixture with which the customer interacts. Imagine your own personalized plastic post set, how professional it would look, and the different ways it could be integrated into a point of sale display. A trade show exhibit may want to use them as a showcase barrier for damage control to prevent the crowd from coming too close to the merchandise. The sharp looking custom graphic would be a functional, yet attractive asset to the exhibition. Add an acrylic sign to the top of the stanchion for optimal branding or information deployment.

Browse these plastic stanchions, and be sure to check out the different features they come with; such as retractable belts, 4-way adapters and weighted concrete bases. Let your imagination do the rest as you dream up ways to intelligently incorporate them into your business!

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