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Church Collection Baskets

Church Collection Baskets Featuring Natural & Plastic Construction

Religious institutions frequently have to raise funds in order to be financially solvent. While some churches hold fundraising events, like raffles and potlucks, other organizations perform collections during their services. In fact, many Christian churches have a name for the money collection and refer to it as "offertory". With our inexpensive line of church collection baskets, you can not only streamline your offertory service but you can also save a few dollars to put right back in the basket!

Each of our donation baskets features a lightweight construction from either natural wicker or woven plastic. Either option is very durable, and the materials used to make them allow the church collection baskets to remain very affordable. If your church or congregation has several people that do the collecting (often called ushers), you can save even more by purchasing many baskets at once. Our tiered wholesale pricing allows customers to pay less per unit as the total number of units in the order increases.

Choosing the right offering basket from Displays2go is simple. First select the size. Does your congregation have 100+ regular attendees that donate quite a bit? Then order larger baskets to accommodate all the donations. If you have a small congregation, you may be able to choose a smaller church collection basket and have it passed from one member to the next. Church leaders can also choose from a variety of styles. While many of our church collection baskets are available with natural wicker construction, others feature a plastic design. Make your selection based on price point and durability. Most of our wicker offering baskets are natural in color but some of the plastic designs come in different colors. This way you can coordinate with the theme of your church or even a specific seasonal event. Spending a lot of money on a fancy collection bag is like buying an expensive wallet: if you spend too much, there won't be anything left to put in it! Why spend a fortune on an overly ornate collection plate when you could order these church collection baskets for so much less at Displays2go.com? Shop today and save!

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