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Curb Signs for Outdoor Use

Curb Signs are for Custom Sidewalk Advertising!

Curb signs are a great way to grab the attention of passerby! Displays2Go offers a wide range of styles, designs, and features. From folding to sidewalk designs, A-frames to sandwich boards, and a variety of other weighted and portable signs in between, there is an option available to meet nearly every curbside advertising need!

Our curb signs are designed for outdoor use. Place each unit on the sidewalk outside your retail business, salon, or restaurant to start attracting attention right away! Many of our units are crafted from durable polyethylene plastic that will not rust, splinter, crack, or peel under normal use. Some units feature a hallow framing that allows the curb sign to be filled with water or sand for added stability. Please note that water should not be used to weigh down any model in freezing temperatures, and in extreme inclement weather, these units should be brought inside. Our curb signs are designed with portability in mind, meaning that the signage is easy to move, but won’t tip over as you’re doing so! Many of our units feature a collapsible design and built-in handle that makes transport from the sidewalk to the shop hassle-free.

Curb signs are perfect for bars, taverns, cafés, restaurants, food trucks, specialty shops, stores and boutiques, and other service businesses such as auto body shops. These units are also great for museums, libraries, and musical venues to announce new and upcoming material. Use this curb signage to announce business hours, promotions, menus, special deals, and more. Curbside advertising will help entice passerby to pop in a retail store for a look around. Write-on sandwich boards make for curb signs that are fun, functional, and eye-catching. Talk about the perfect way to promote any establishment! With a variety of styles, features, and price points available, Displays2Go has something for everyone, so browse our online catalogue today!

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