iPad Lock Bumpers & Cases

Secure Universal Tablet Display with 100db Alarm
Tablet Security Holder with Alarm, Retractable Cable, 3 Charging Cords - White
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Modern Anti-Theft Tablet and iPad Kiosk
iPad Tablet Counter Stand, Foam Padding, Locking & Rotating Enclosure - Black
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Storefront iPad Stand with Steel Faceplate
iPad Floor Stand w/ Locked Enclosure, Rotating & Tilting Bracket - White
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Floor to Counter Public Tablet Holder with Foam Padding
iPad Tablet Floor Stand, Adjustable for Countertop Use, Locking Enclosure - Black
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Countertop iPad Stand
iPad Stands w/ Locking Enclosure, Hidden Home Button - Black
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White steel anti-theft multi-mount iPad tablet stand
iPad Tablet Counter Stand, Steel Enclosure, Gooseneck Arm - White
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iPad security cases are a great way to keep your tablet security when not in use. These locking kits feature Kensington locks that will attach directly to a bumper or case. Locking cases are popular both residentially and commercially because of how easy they are to use. Both keyed locks and combination locks are available.

What makes iPad security cases so popular for retail? The cords are easy to attach to countertops, cash registers or tables, making tablets easily accessible for customers while also preventing theft. Many stores also have employees use iPads to engage with customers and take orders. The locking cases can be used to secure tablets when the employees put them down and are easy enough to unattach. Use the combo locks to give employees their own personal code so they are responsible for the security of the tablet. The length of these cords also gives customers more range. Mounting iPad locks have to remain in a fixed specific position. Shoppers can pick up the iPad and show friends what they're looking at.

Many people also take advantage of these iPad lock cases at home. Have young children you don't want using the tablet? These locks are easy to attach when the iPad is not in use so kids won't be able to run off! Shorten the cord length if the tablet is being kept on countertops to prevent it from falling off and hitting the floor.

Locking bumpers also prevent the iPad from being scratched and dinged up. The thin exterior does a great job of prevent the tablet itself from making contact with the surface while not being too bulky. The thin frame makes it feel like there is barely anything else covering the iPad. For customers looking for the most minimal ways to lock their iPad, the Kensington lock is the best option. This device simply attaches to a small area on the back of the iPad and can be secured around any device.

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