Oil and Vinegar Cruets for Restaurants & Diners

Oil and Vinegar Holders Increase Restaurant Organization and Efficiency

Oil and vinegar is popularly used together at restaurants on salad dressings and meals. For years, waiters and waitresses would separately carry two bottles to the customer's table, tying up both their hands. One day, someone thought to themselves "If these two dressings are so commonly used together, why can't they be carried together?" And so ends the story of how the oil and vinegar cruet holder set was invented.

Cruet sets are ideal for increasing efficiency and are appreciated by customers. Often times, a patron will ask for olive oil for their salad and may not think of wanting vinegar as well. They'll be thankful once it's carried over together in the silver condiment holder. The oil and vinegar caddy allows waiters and waitresses to bring over several different items at once, and even carry a tray full of salads while holding the caddy in the other hand. Cruet holders can easily be stored in a central location, which is crucial for busy restaurants. Having specific locations to find different items is a huge factor for restaurants to run efficiently. This also helps avoid unecessary clutter.

These wholesale holders are sold in sets of (12) racks and (24) bottles to accomodate most restaurants' needs. Having some extra sets allows some wiggle room to use different types of dressing or different types of vinegar. The bottles are refillable so users can mix and match to set them up with the most commonly used combos. Use half the cruet sets with white wine vinegar and the other half with balsamic or red wine to give guests multiple options. Caddies can be used in commercial and residential kitchens as well.

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