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Restaurant Menu Displays

menu rolls
Vinyl Sign Sleeves for Table Tent Menu Rolls - Clear
More Media Size Options Available! $0.14

Restaurant Bread Baskets with a Stainless Steel Finish
Oval Wire Basket - Stainless Steel
More Color Options Available! $11.15

Stand-Up sign Holder
7 x 5 Acrylic Sign Holder for Tabletops, Double-sided, Top Insert - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $7.75 $6.15 Save 21%

menu chalkboard
21 x 34 Write-On Board A-Frame, Chalk, Double Sided - Black
More Color & Bulletin Surface Color Options Available! $202.99

Menu Holders for Restaurants
Menu Cover for 8.5 x 11 Menus, Photo Album Corners, Triple Panel (Two-fold) - Black
More Panel Type & Media Size Options Available! $20.99 $16.79 Save 20%

fluorescent markers
Liquid Chalk Markers, 3/8" Flat Tip - Set of 6 Neon Colors
More Marker Tip Options Available! $15.99

sign letters
3/4" Letter Set, 900 Pieces - Black
More Overall Height Options Available! $40.03

a-frame menu board
21 x 34 Write-On Board A-Frame, Dry Erase, Double Sided - White
More Bulletin Surface Color & Color Options Available! $236.99

letter kit
1" Letter Set, 930 Pieces - Black
More Overall Height Options Available! $40.03

Single Pocket Menu Cover
Menu Cover for 8.5 x 14 Menus, Photo Album Corners, Single Panel - Black
More Panel Type & Media Size Options Available! $11.04 $8.83 Save 20%

As a restaurant owner, it's important to understand that the more visible a menu is, the higher the likelihood customers will place more orders. Restaurant menu displays come in various styles, shapes and sizes to display as many menus as possible. Utilize different styles to display different selections like appetizers, bar lists, entrees and specials.

What kinds of different restaurant menu displays are available? Table tents are a great choice for keeping drink, appetizer and dessert lists displayed prominently as a centerpiece, guaranteeing that customers will at least browse the selection. Flip style holders are great for large selections, while a simple acrylic block will suffice for short-unchanging menu offerings. Menu covers are ideal for entree selections. Different styles and page-numbers are available to meet any settings need. Hardcover designs provide more of an upscale feel while plastic covers are great for diners, fast-food and family restaurants. Try narrow and single page menu covers for wine lists.

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