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Lamp Post Banners for Prominent Outdoor Advertising

Lamp post banners, like an outdoor lamppost flag, are ideal for beautifying your city or adding some seasonal cheer! These products are often seen used outside of a business, to promote an upcoming sale or even to advertise a grand opening. Car dealerships utilize lamp post banners as part of their marketing campaign, to let potential buyers now they have the latest models available. Cities and towns also implement these products to draw attention to community events, such as 4th of July fireworks, craft fairs, local theater performances, and more. As lamp post banners hang high above the crowd, your messages are sure to be noticed, no matter where they are used!

Whether you’re a local official, or a business owner, these products are an ideal form of advertising, as they generate customer interest, and drive more traffic into your event or location.

Other than the locations mentioned above, where else can these lamp post banners be used, you ask?
  • College campuses and university greens utilize these pennants to bring school spirit to students. The lamp post banners often help students locate a particular department or lecture hall. The flags can also be used to promote an upcoming event or gathering on campus as well.
  • Retail stores often use lamp post banners outside of their business location to help promote grand openings, upcoming sales, or other types of events
  • Zoos and aquariums make use of these types of printed graphics to advertise the arrival of a new animal or the opening of a new exhibit.
  • Museums and art galleries often utilize lamp post banners to generate interest for a new artist or group of artwork.

Lamp Post Banners are Ideal for Placement on University CampusesWith so many companies offering streetlight graphics, it’s hard to decide where to buy from. So, why purchase lamp post banners from this company, in particular?

What separates these streetlight graphics & hardware from competitors?
  • Most of these lamp post banners are crafted from 17oz. vinyl, compared to 13oz. vinyl offered by most competitors.
  • Street light pennants crafted from durable fabric are also available. These types of lamp post banners come in 4 fabric colors, with 9 different vinyl lettering options for imprinting.
  • Graphics are double-sided, enabling users to capture more attention, from every direction.
  • Lamp post banner/bracket configurations are offered in this online catalog, taking the guess work out of the equation. Customers can purchase these kits, without having to worry "Which bracket will fit this banner?quot;
  • Hardware and flags are both sold separately, as well as in configurations, making the re-order process that much simpler. Customers can easily choose the banners they’d like to order, if they have previously purchased brackets.
  • Here, customers will find the most comprehensive selection of lamp post banner products, with a constantly growing product line. This is quickly making the company a leader in this niche industry.

Lamp post banner kits, which include both printed banners and bracket hardware, come with all of the necessary components for mounting your graphics to a light post. Zip ties are provided with your purchase, enabling users to secure their flags to the lamp post with ease. Lampost banners and brackets are becoming more and more popular, as flags can easily be changed and updated. To change your graphics, simply remove the zip ties, slide old banners off of the bracket poles, and slide on your new ones. Once in place, simply connect the new printed advertisements with new zip ties to ensure the banners will not slide off of the brackets.

Lamp Post Banner is Crafted from Vinyl for Outdoor UseLampost banner kits are offered in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from in this online catalog. Sizes include 24" x 48", 30" x 60", 30" x 84", and 36" x 60". This allows customers to choose the size that will best suit their needs and surroundings. Larger vinyl posters are better for use in such areas as university campuses or hospitals, as the flags can be seen from greater distances. Smaller lamp post banners, such as the 24" x 48" size, are better suited for use by businesses, where potential patrons and clients would be closer to the displayed advertisements. Lampost banners, no matter where they are placed, are sure to get your messages out to your intended audience.

In addition to the custom printed vinyl flags mentioned above, pennants crafted from fabric are also available. These lamp post banners are made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers to lock in the banner color. The coloring can not faded by the sun or chlorine bleach! During the coloring process, UV stabilizers are also added to eliminate dry rot, where the flag literally crumbles from UV deterioration. Made from 2-ply, ring-spun yarns, these lamp post banners are both pill and abrasion-resistant, ensuring your products will withstand the tests of time. Each street flag can be customized with your supplied vector artwork. Customers have the choice of 1 or 2 color artwork, selected from 9 available colors, to attract attention. The fabric lamp post banners are also available in 4 different colors, including: Pacific Blue, Cardinal Red, Forest Green and Linen. For added convenience, these light pole graphics are sold both individually and with the necessary hardware for mounting to a lampost. This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out which bracket will work with your lamp post banner.

Brackets and light pole hardware are sold individually for the convenience of customers. Whether to replace an existing fixture, or add lamp post banners to your advertising campaign, this selection of brackets is sure to meet all of your needs. Light pole hardware is available in a variety of widths, depending on the banner size customers intend to display. Bracket sizes include 24"w, 30"w, and 36"w. Double-wing hardware is also available, for displaying two banners side-by-side on a lamppost. Depending on budget, both economy and deluxe brackets are offered to suit even the most budget-conscious shopper.

Street flags are and lamppost pennants just some of the many outdoor products sold on this site. Outdoor banner stands, sidewalk signs and various other displays are other options to choose from. Companies can combine these street light graphics with any of the other outdoor sign products to really attract attention, and lure customers into your business or store. Additional advertisement displays and graphic holders are also available for the convenience of customers. Shoppers are sure to find the custom flags and sign frames to suit all of their needs right in this online catalog.

Also, if you're looking for more than just outdoor lamppost displays, your search is over! A wide variety of products are available, in addition to the product series seen here. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive selection of marketing display products, so that our customers will find everything they need all in one online catalog. This product offering includes over 4,000 unique products, many of which are in stock and available for immediate shipment. No other online supplier of marketing displays is able to offer this type of expedited service. In business since 1974, this company has quickly become a trusted source for point-of-purchase displays. Buy lampost graphics and hardware today!

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