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Falconboard® Sign Board, 0.25", Portrait or Landscape, Full Color UV Custom Printing

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Falconboard® Corrugated Cardboard Signs

Searching for an environmentally responsible, exceptionally strong sign-making material? Falconboard® corrugated cardboard signs are the answer. Manufactured from renewable virgin materials and post-consumer recycled fibers, this printable signboard is the smart alternative to petroleum-based resins. Displays2go offers this substrate with full color custom printing for your rigid signage needs. Super flat with a unique paper-based construction, Falconboard® corrugated cardboard signs are the perfect choice for interior signs!

Custom printed in vibrant full color with high-quality UV inks on 0.25" thick substrate, these sturdy rigid posters are lightweight and easy to display. Use the Designer tool to create your own single or double sided signage in 9 sizes, each with portrait or landscape orientation options.

Tips for Designing Custom Printed Posters:

Background and text colors can be selected from the Designer's pre-loaded options, or choose your own custom color with the advanced selection tool.

Select either landscape or portrait orientation for your poster depending upon your available space.

Double-Sided Designs:
If the "2 Sides" option is selected, artwork will be duplicated on front and back by default. If different graphics are required for each side, use the downloadable templates, available under the resources section below.

See Templates

Material Details:

FalconboardĀ® is made with a honeycomb fluted core sandwiched by two pieces of thin cardboard. Once glued together, the end result is not unlike a torsion box. Hollow core doors are a common example of this type of construction. The idea behind it is to use less material in a more efficient manner (without sacrificing dimensional stability).

Thanks to their superior construction, these rigid signboards will not warp, crease, or bend like corrugated plastic or cardboard. While the material is not intended to last forever (interior use only), it can be re-used again and again if stored and protected. As with any lightweight sign board, the edges are most susceptible to potential damage, so care must be taken when storing the panels.

Falconboard® Facts:

  • As an excellent alternative to foam boards, this paper-based product is certified by the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). This states that the material must come from renewable, recycled fibers or from a certified forest. The SFI governs and encourages the spread of responsible forestry practices.
  • The 1/4" thick substrate comes in nine different sizes, most of them being standard poster formats. Single and double-sided printing is available.
  • Each board comes with a primed opaque white finish that's ready to accept ink from our UV flatbed printer.
  • The board's surface is perfectly flat — no variances like ripples or other topography to ruin the appearance of your custom printed graphics.
  • For indoor use. Be sure to keep these boards dry and store flat for longest life. If an outdoor sign is needed, check out our Coroplast sign selection.

What size are printed poster sign boards?

Available in 9 popular sizes.

  • 11"w x 17"h
  • 16"w x 20"h
  • 18"w x 24"h
  • 22"w x 28"h
  • 24"w x 36"h
  • 30"w x 40"h
  • 24"w x 48"h
  • 36"w x 48"h
  • 40"w x 60"h
  • 17"w x 11"h
  • 20"w x 16"h
  • 24"w x 18"h
  • 28"w x 22"h
  • 36"w x 24"h
  • 40"w x 30"h
  • 48"w x 24"h
  • 48"w x 36"h
  • 60"w x 40"h

Printing Method:

Our custom UV print service utilizes an in-house flatbed printer to create vibrant full color graphics on large format and thicker substrates.

This method combioned with FalconboardĀ® All White base material means you will receive bright, high-quality signs that resist fading.

Where to Use Falconboard® Posters:

Lightweight signage is perfect for a variety of indoor retail and business locations.
Pair with one of our our floor sign holders to create a large format free-standing display.
These posters also work well with a tabletop or floor standing easel in wood or metal.

  • Store Merchandising Windows
  • Trade Shows
  • Movie Theaters
  • Point of Purchase Signage
  • Retail Graphics
  • Office Presentations

Product Resources & Downloads

Falconboard 20x16 & 16x20 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb20x16_and_20x16_2-sided_art_templates.zip (3.63 MB)

Falconboard 48x24 & 24x48 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb48x24_and_24x48_2-sided_art_templates.zip (4.58 MB)

Falconboard 40x30 & 30x40 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb40x30_and_30x40_2-sided_art_template.zip (4.47 MB)

Falconboard 17x11 & 11x17 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb17x11_and_11x17_2-sided_art_templates.zip (3.50 MB)

Falconboard 24x18 & 18x24 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb24x18_and_18x24_2-sided_art_templates.zip (3.76 MB)

Falconboard 28x22 & 22x28 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb28x22_and_22x28_2-sided_art_templates.zip (4.04 MB)

Falconboard 36x24 & 24x36 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb36x24_and_24x36_2-sided_art_templates.zip (4.29 MB)

Falconboard 48x36 & 36x48 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb48x36_and_36x48_2-sided_art_templates.zip (4.89 MB)

Falconboard 60x40 & 40x60 2-Sided Art Templates

Filename: uvfb60x40_and_40x60_2-sided_art_templates.zip (5.19 MB)
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