Displays2go Unveils Revitalized Core Ideology Following Expansion

Posted on 22 June, 2017

Last Modified on 20 February, 2018

Displays2go Unveils Renewed Core Ideology


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Company Defines New Mission, Purpose and Values Naming People as the First Priority

Fall River, MA — Following their relocation to a larger, approximately 500,000 square foot facility in Fall River, Massachusetts, Displays2go is seizing the opportunity to reinvigorate its operations. Elevating their overarching Core Ideology, the company has completely reimagined their underlying purpose, mission and values; adopting the mentality that putting the person first is not only the best way to conduct business, but the only way.

“It is vital for any organization to clearly articulate its Core Ideology, which states its reason for being, what it stands for, and what it does,” said Dana P. Barrette, the President of Displays2go. “These ideas are now expressed as our Purpose, Values and Mission statements. They are foundational for any high-performing business and we must embrace and live them in order to sustain and grow Displays2go. Ours is a great Team, and I am confident our newly-expressed vision will guide us on the road to new levels of achievement.”

Their newly coined purpose, “Connecting People and Brands,” emerged from Core Ideology workshops convened with the leadership team as well as a team comprised of outstanding representatives from each of the company’s functional areas and departments. The groups found themselves continually using different verbiage to convey the same vision: Displays2go supports people by supplying them with the opportunity to grow their brand on both a personal and professional level.

The renewed approach permeates every level of the business. From employee relations, to marketing, to customer care, Displays2go is putting the human element back in the forefront and emphasizing “people” as the top priority. The essence of this vision is captured in the business’ new mission statement to "empower people and businesses to connect with the world by providing a wide variety of easy-to-use, brand-enhancing products and personalized solutions.”

About Displays2go: Displays2go, a subsidiary of TAKKT AG, is the leading e-commerce retailer of point-of-sale marketing displays and trade show supplies in America. The company is known for its large selection of products designed to empower people and brands with personalized solutions.


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