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Customer Review for TRDSHKTV2SG

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We love the display! However, the carrying case is WAY too light for the product, especially given the weight of the bottom plate. I recently had to take the display on the airlines. I anticipated the light material being a problem, so I purchased luggage straps to help hold it together. Unfortunately, it still did not stand up the the rough handling of the airlines. One of the handles ripped away from the case, the stitching came apart along the zipper, and there were numerous holes and tears in the case. We used duct tape to hold it together on the way back home. That helped some, but there were additional tears. I recommend finding a sturdier carrying case for this display. The downside is that it weighs 47.5 lbs. in the included bag, so a sturdier one will likely send it over the magic 50 lbs allowed by most airlines. Disappointed that Displays2Go is unable to replace the bag since I ordered it too long ago (4 months).
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Terry, we're so sorry that the carrying case for this trade show display did not meet your expectations. The lightweight bag is intended for light travel, and it is not recommended to use the bag as a shipping container. Instead, we would recommend a heavy duty travel case like TSCA1738. We're glad that you like the display itself, and we appreciate your feedback. Thanks again!

Posted one year ago by Displays2go

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