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Customer Review for IPBOOTHFL

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The unit is nice, but not perfect. Needs some improvements. The ring light and controls are nice. The unit is sturdy. The faceplate must be screwed onto the unit over the ipad. There is no access to the home button and no margin around the ipad screen. God help you if you need to reboot the app or swipe something close to the edge of the screen during an event. Its impossible to access without taking the entire face plate off. And there are 4 long star key screws that need to come out. I attempted to drill out a hole to access the home button, but shattered the face plate in the process. Here are my suggestions, make it easier to remove the head unit with the ring light (for transport), make it easier to get the ipad in and out of the unit, and notch out a spot for the home button, or make it easier to access. It seems like someone created this product in 20 minutes with existing pieces and didn't think it through.

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We truly appreciate your sharing your experience as well as your feedback with us, Rob. We will be sure to discuss this with our team so that we can make improvements. It's valuable feedback like this that allows us to improve and for that, we thank you. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us such an insightful review.

Posted 11 months ago by Displays2go

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