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Customer Review for SHNN1114

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You get what you pay for. Looks good but very cheap materials.
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First of all the frames are not 11x14 as specified. They are 11x13.6"ish at best, which caused me to trim all of my photos and artworks. The clips are made of cheap metal that doesn't hold it's shape. Disassembling the frame to put the pictures in caused half of the clips to warp, reducing tension on glass portion, making the whole frame less structural. Trying to bend the clips back into shape caused several of them to snap in two pieces, making the whole frame useless. I was very careful but it's just cheap metal that cracks under any attempt to straighten it. I lost 1 frame because I needed spare clips from it to make the other 15 frames work. The MDF backing is also very cheap. Snapping the clips back into frame caused bits of mdf to fall off at the clipping point, making the clips wobble from side to side and again making the whole frame not as rigid. This shipping price was also a bit steep.

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