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Customer Review for 582740BLK

4 / 5
Great looking, good quality for price
on Verified Purchase
I've bought 27 x 40 frames from several sources, and it's hard to find a balance of decent frame but within my budget. As these things go, this one is a pretty good entry. I'll say this, first and foremost, on the wall, it looks fantastic. Quite probably the best-looking frame of this size I've had. When I pulled it out of the box and was working to put a poster in it, it felt pretty delicate. I kept worrying as I handled it that I might break it. That's kind of a mixed blessing, though, because it was light enough that the command strips I used stuck it tightly to the wall. I've had some heavier ones that the command strips just couldn't handle. Since I'm not planning on pulling it off the wall much if at all, the fact that it feels a bit delicate isn't a big issue. I actually think it was a perfect fit for me. If you're going to want to swap posters out a lot, though, maybe go for one of their slightly more expensive options that can snap open and let you swap out from the front.

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