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Professional Look, Maintenance Nightmare
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Upon installation, I was extremely satisfied. The included hardware was sufficient to produce a very professional-looking, solid install. However, it was a week after installing that I ran into the issue. I needed to open the case up to access the Home button. This involves using the included security Allen wrench to loosen the security screw, extract the screw while holding the faceplate and iPad in place, then hold the iPad in place while lifting the faceplate so you can access the Home button. The real nightmare is in trying to close it back up, holding the faceplate and iPad in place while trying to get the security screw threaded and tightened. It's not a process I should have to go through often, but it basically makes accessing the Home button a two-person job.

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Hi Brodie, We're sorry you had some issues with this product. This model is designed with the home button hidden, but we do have several models with the home button exposed. One of our customer care specialists will reach out to assist you. Thank you for your feedback!

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

Thanks. The goal is to have the Home button inaccessible to most, but for those approved personnel it'd be nice to have a more secure means of accessing it. Something where accessing the Home button doesn't put the tablet at risk of falling out of the stand. But like I said, I'm satisfied with the quality of this product, and will continue using it until a model comes out with a lockable Home-button-access-door. Thanks for following up!

Posted 3 years ago by Brodie K.

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