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Customer Review for IPDSAUC3SV

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It looks great but is completely unusable. First, once you lock your ipad into the display, the hole at the bottom that allows you to turn on the iPad is too small. So, you have to stick the point part of a pen or sharp object in there to tun on the iPad. Of course, you will end up scratching or damaging that on button. This on button has many functions. So, the iPad is rendered pretty handicapped if you can't easily access this button. Second, there is no way to touch the other buttons on the iPad like the volume button or the off button. Without being able to work any of the buttons or tabs on the iPad renders the entire iPad pretty useless. We initially started using it for people to complete surveys but the tradeshow attendees simply couldn't operate the ipad when it is locked in. This was a waste of money for sure. But, it was also a heavy, awkward, bulky thing to drag to a trade show. Don't waste your time or money.

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Hi Blake! The home button is closed on purpose so when used, people are not exiting from the app that's currently open. The small hole is there for "just in case" if someone needs to use it without unlocking the whole enclosure. For your needs, we would recommend an enclosure that has the home button exposed, like [IPEVRFLBK2](https://www.displays2go.com/P-36212/Floor-Counter-Public-Tablet-Holder-Lockable-Enclosure), which also has a convenient [carrying case](https://www.displays2go.com/P-40401/Storage-Case-Convertible-iPad-Stands-Two-Handles-Convenient-Transportation) (sold separately) for bringing to-and-from trade shows. We hope that helps!

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

We'll have our customer care team reach out to see how we can best assist.

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

Blake, we are so sorry to hear that this iPad stand did not meet your expectations. We appreciate your feedback, and we'll certainly send this along to our product team for review. A customer care specialist will follow up with you to see if there's anything we can do to further assist. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

Meantime, what am I supposed to do with these two completely unusable stands that I paid $300 for?

Posted 3 years ago by Blake N.

Our product team has also suggested setting up ["Assistive Touch"](https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202658) on your device, which is like a virtual home button that allows users to easily access certain features and settings. Learn more: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202658.

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

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