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Customer Review for IPEVRFLW30G

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Important note: some screws are "set" screws and are already inside the unit
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I had a problem with this at first, but with the help of customer service and another customer review, it was brought to my attention that to tighten the rotary feature so it would be in a locked position and to tighten the curved and straight poles together the screws were "set" screws and already inside the unit, you just insert the provided screwdriver to tighten. This is not explained in detail in the assembly instructions but maybe now they will update this. Customer service was top notch so 5 stars for that.

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Hi Patti, We are so sorry to hear about your frustrating experience! We've forwarded your feedback to our product development team who will investigate. Additionally, a customer care specialist will reach out to assist further. Thank you for your patience!

Posted 5 years ago by Displays2go

Thanks Megan, i just figured out how to make the rotary feature lock in place so it doesn't spin around. It does not require a screw you jsut insert the screwdriver into the hole behind the frame on the curved pole and tighten it. It doesn't explain this in the directions I just have been trying everything. How do you secure the straight pole to the base and the curved pole to the straight pole, there are no tightening screws so I could lift them off, they aren't fastened together although it mentions tightening the screw on either side in the directions. I am going to try what I did on the ipad frame and see if that works. Thanks for your help sorry such a long note!

Posted 5 years ago by PAtti M.

Thank you Megan!

Posted 5 years ago by PAtti M.

Hi Patti. Our company have this stand and we love it! Honestly I'm confused about the missing parts you are talking about. I was the one putting the stand together and had no problem. I think the locking feature refers to the enclosure, so you can securely lock your ipad inside. Not sure what do you mean by "can't lock the pole". For events, we use security cable lock that we thread through the hole in the base. Hope this helps! Megan

Posted 5 years ago by Customer

Hi Patti. There are already screws inside of the pole. Simply insert the curved one into the straight pole and tighten counterclockwise. Just make sure to align both holes perfectly, otherwise you won't be able to tighten the other side. This took me couple tries before getting it done correctly... :) Megan

Posted 5 years ago by Megan T.

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