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Customer Review for RSO1185H

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I should have known better
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I am on my third replacement order because the acrylic pieces arrive with scratches. I am not optimistic that a third time is the charm. These arrive just like the picture shows. It literally looks like the acrylic was found in the back of a Prius after dirty Mike and they boys had a party.
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Tom, we are so sorry that this sign holder arrived in such poor condition. This is not the quality we strive to deliver, nor is it reflective of who we are as a company. I have forwarded this review along to our product development team to investigate the cause, and we'll have our customer care team reach out to provide a solution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

There is a protective coating which needs to be removed (you literally have to peel it off each side) after you've removed the basic plastic covering. I think Tom received his sign, removed the plastic "bag" that it was sealed in, and then saw the scratches and did not realize that it was just the plastic coating that was scratched, not the actual sign. After you remove the plastic "bag" it was sealed in, you have to then peel off the protective coating from each side of the sign.

Posted 2 years ago by Christopher A.

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