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Customer Review for DSIGN104RP

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The product quality of the frosted films are decent, they changed the perforated edges so I hope that has been improved as you couldn't actually tear them cleanly before, so I cut them. I can't speak to the clear films because I have no use for them. For the amount we have to pay for these packs of six, I feel like it is incredibly wasteful to only offer them in half frosted/half clear when I can't imagine companies really need that. There should be an option to buy clear and/or frosted, as we will never use the clear films and I literally have dozens that I have no use for. I have asked customer service about this but they didn't have much of an answer other than agreeing that it would be helpful - please make an adjustment to these options.

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We appreciate this feedback tremendously and will pass it along straight away to our product team, Harmoney. It's this type of valuable information that allows us to continually improve upon our products and for that, we thank you.

Posted one year ago by Displays2go

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