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Customer Review for SWCART

4 / 5
Slightly damaged - Yet with few fixes makes for a unique display for my old bottles
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Received the package fast. Yet there was damage that could be construed significant to the handle. So I came up with an idea to fix it by wrapping twine around the handle and it works out well. I stained the cart and use it to display old bottles I found behind my house. The cats also like sleeping on it - in fact taking it over. The axle lacked a hole on one end for the pin - but that turned out well too, since it is rather tight and after smacking the tire onto the rod {with my hand} it is secure and looks better without the pin on the side seen since I placed it against the wall so the cats sitting on it can look out the window. The top part - instead of the screws I just used small nails of my own and hammered into the wood. I stained the entire display and painted the inside. The cats sit on the very top and on the level 2nd from bottom. But I did buy this to display my old bottles.
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We appreciate your feedback, Elizabeth. We are glad to hear that you received your order quickly and that you were able to fix and stain your wooden cart. We are glad to see that your cat and bottles are enjoying your new cart. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and for submitting your picture.

Posted one year ago by Displays2go

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