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Customer Review for WSFB430APB

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I ordered this display to help organize my overflowing classroom library. I was very excited when it arrived. I gave myself plenty of time to get it in, put together, and ready for students. When it arrived, the materials/parts included do NOT match the instructions. I called to have the materials quickly shipped to me. Instead of sending me pole A and pole B, I was sent the exact same thing; the entire display, again missing the necessary pole pieces. It comes with a sign holder, but how on earth is a sign holder useful when the pole ends 24" BELOW the top of the display. Without the other pole, it rests on the base, scraping it instead of hovering. Now school has started and my books are all over my floor and off limits to my students. I am VERY disappointed.

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Liz, we are so sorry to hear of your tough experience. We can certainly help get you a good solution. A customer care specialist will be following up soon to make this right for you. Thank you for letting us know.

Posted 4 years ago by Displays2go

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