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Customer Review for YB3979M2

4 / 5
Great for outdoor usage on a calm day
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I have used this product for many years (6) with no issues even when there is minor wind. That being said it is not great in the moderate wind as it constantly falls down, which is to be expected since it is a parasail. By adding additional weights it can withstand moderate wind with the frame holding even though it looks like it will break. Its Achilles heel, however, is the bottom hooks for the banner. As tough as it may be, it will be the first to break after repeated usage. The only way to get it replaced is by buying a whole new set, which is completely fair seeing how manufacturing works. I just there was a remedy to repair broken hooks rather than buying another set. Final impression is that it is a great product however it could use some work on the bottom hooks, maybe make them metal or even aircraft grade steel.

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We certainly appreciate the feedback, Robert and have passed it along to our product team review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us as your unique insight as a customer who uses the product helps us to improve upon our process. Thanks again for the great review!

Posted 4 years ago by Displays2go

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