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Customer Review for GB3660SWH

4 / 5
Great board for the money.
on Verified Purchase
Great board for the money, however it does have its issues. 1. The mounts are ****. Just order some better ones from here when you buy the board. They are $14 for the brushed aluminum ones that will actually hold the board on the wall. The cheap Chinese garbage that comes with the board are useless, and they use a weird hole size that you can't get wall anchors for. 2. There is a noticeable amount of flex when writing on the board. I am debating on creating a backing and frame for it to eliminate the flex, which would make my #1 issue above moot. The flex is not any worse than any other board that is mounted offset from the wall, but annoying none the less. 3. As others have said, cheap light duty magnets wont hold up. You will need some strong ones if that is that you plan to do. Regardless, I would recommend the board as they good to write on, wipe totally clean, don't ghost, and are good value for money. We will be buying more for some of our other offices.

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