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Display case joy and nightmare
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Displays2go did everything right. Quick order confirmation, shipping date and tracking No. Freight line missed a delivery appointment that was scheduled. The palette arrived undamaged. That was good. Displays2go have a great selection of cases but now for the nightmare......It is mostly glass so be careful. The instructions ask for upright assembly and then slide a heavy plate glass about 3x6 feet vertically into 2 grooves!! Not having a 14 ft or more ceiling and 2 ladders to stand end up doing it flat on a carpet. We did that with lots of difficulty. The glass doors are cut too long for the hinges and even filing down the top everything is tight, except the shelves which are somewhat small and barely overlap the rubber o-rings. A good shake and ............... Then the silicone edge sealer ropes did either not go in or fit too loosely. assembly is unnecessarily difficult for the average consumer.

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We appreciate your feedback, Antonio. We will be sure to share your experience with our product team. It's valuable feedback like this that allows us to make improvements and for that, we thank you. Thank you for leaving us a review.

Posted 2 years ago by Displays2go

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