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Customer Review for WMFS8511BK

5 / 5
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
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If you work in an office or business setting and have to change certificates / signs often, but HATE those little clips on the backs of frames that destroy your nails / fingers, or the glass get smudged / certificates are hard to center, etc., then this is the frame for you! You can quickly and easily slide in a sign or in my case a certificate. We have LOTS of certificates that get updated annually, and I would ALWAYS dread changing them out, until I discovered these frames. Now, just slide in and hang. You're good to go! The frames are metal, and they feel very sturdy, like they will last a long time. Please excuse my poor redaction job trying to remove personal information from this certificate, but you can hopefully easily tell how easy it is to slide a certificate into the frame and then hang.
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We're absolutely delighted to hear you love these frames so much, Emily! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this astounding review and to share a photo with us. We truly appreciate it!

Posted 6 months ago by Displays2go

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