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Great looking, good quality for price
By Data on March 5, 2018 Verified Purchase
I've bought 27 x 40 frames from several sources, and it's hard to find a balance of decent frame but within my budget. As these things go, this one is a pretty good entry. I'll say this, first and foremost, on the wall, it looks fantastic. Quite probably the best-looking frame of this size I've had. When I pulled it out of the box and was working to put a poster in it, it felt pretty delicate. I kept worrying as I handled it that I might break it. That's kind of a mixed blessing, though, because it was light enough that the command strips I used stuck it tightly to the wall. I've had some heavier ones that the command strips just couldn't handle. Since I'm not planning on pulling it off the wall much if at all, the fact that it feels a bit delicate isn't a big issue. I actually think it was a perfect fit for me. If you're going to want to swap posters out a lot, though, maybe go for one of their slightly more expensive options that can snap open and let you swap out from the front.

5 / 5
I Was Framed
By Steve Daley on January 4, 2018 Verified Purchase
Was looking for poster frames for size 27 x 40 that no one else carried within their stores. Found Displays2go that had exactly what I needed, and mounted the posters for an upcoming blockbuster movie.
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Thanks for the rave review, Steve! We're glad we had just what you needed.

Posted one year ago by Displays2go

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pure stars!!!
By Mark Stanley P. on September 8, 2017 Verified Purchase
the products I received are pure bullshit...the lenses were scratched, detached and just plain cheap! add the $98 for shipping...I am outraged. the backing had been reused...not recycled. in other words...what had been shipped to other customers was returned and subsequently sent to me. apparently, it was felt I would be OK with returned damaged material. the gaps in the corners are criminal...the company has no excuse. when I phoned about the issues...I was told that it would be my responsibility to pay shipping both ways. Hmm...lets see $98 x 3 = $294. the actual order cost...$196.47 as for the other item in order...totally unassembled with no directions included...they do provide a "how-to video" with no sound...good ****** luck!!! I pray that you do not possess the same disabilities as I do. of course, one has to go back into the original order to learn about the useless video. I would not recommend these punks who, in my opinion, sell ****!
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Hello Mark. We certainly never intend to send damaged product and want to ensure that you get what you need. You shouldn’t have been advised that you needed to pay to return damaged products and we want to make sure that this is taken care of for you. A customer care representative will reach out promptly to assist you with this and any assembly or other concerns you have. Thank you!

Posted one year ago by Displays2go, you are aware that the attempt to "buy my silence" failed miserably...I stand-by my original opinion...without censorship.

Posted one year ago by Mark Stanley P.

We understand you are frustrated with your experience, Mark. Likewise, we are frustrated that you didn't get an accurate response the first time. Our policies on damaged product certainly do not require that you are responsible for shipping and this obviously should have been handled better in the beginning. We are sorry your experience didn't match up with our expectations for service. If we can help you out further, please reach out. Thank you.

Posted one year ago by Displays2go

i did provide a solution...have been waiting for response...apparently, no one cares. Furthermore, what reason do you have to censor my my opinion, if your company is as up-standing, as you would like to appear...then actually resolve the matter to the paying customers satisfaction.

Posted one year ago by Mark Stanley P.

5 / 5
Pretty Good Deal, Nice Product
By Caleb B. on February 16, 2017 Verified Purchase
So I ordered many of these for my movie posters in my theater. They are a very nice, light weight product that look fantastic once hung up. One comment though: they are very reflective. It does advertise that there is anti-glare covering which would be great if there weren't air bubbles that ruin the appeal of keeping the film over them. Still, well worth the money and the upgrade over what local craft stores are selling as modular frames that are downright terrible. Recommended.

5 / 5
By Sol on May 8, 2016 Verified Purchase
These are great I have a bunch hanging up. Sometimes theres scratches on the plastic cover that it comes with but you don't need the plastic cover really.
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Thank you for your review, Sol. Please let us know if you need assistance with any of the covers. Thank you!

Posted 3 years ago by Displays2go

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