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Photo Frames & Picture Frames: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Photo Frame & Picture Frame FAQ

What types of photo frames are available?

  • Countertop/Tabletop with 2-Way Easel Backs

    These can be placed either horizontally or vertically for pictures in both portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Wall Mounted

    These are frames that are either permanently or semi-permanently fixed to a wall. Most come complete with mounting hardware, like hooks for wall hanging. They can generally be mounted in both portrait or landscape orientation. Check your particular frame's product page for specifics.
  • Hinged/Swing Open

    Feature swing open doors on hinges for quick and easy picture changing. Many include locking doors.
  • Cheap and/or Economical

    Inexpensive frames priced effectively for those in need of picture and photo frames on a budget. Ideal for those who want to hang a cheap poster on a wall and not spend an excessive amount of money on the frame.
  • Decorative and Designer

    Photo frames typically for residential use. Many have ornate decorative designs, others have an added element like our Howard Miller clock frames. Decorative photo frames make great gifts! Several styles and sizes of designer and decorative frames are available.
  • Movie Poster Frames

    Specifically designed to accommodate movie posters. Several sizes and styles to choose from.
  • Snap Open/Grip Frames

    Frames that snap open and shut gripping the poster or picture in place. Very effective for fast picture changing without having to move the display.
  • Curved: Concave or Convex

    Designed to be curved making the photos stand out in modern style. Available in clear acrylic blocks as well as metal photo holders.
  • Magnetic

    Pictures are held in place with either magnetic stips or super strong magnet pegs.
  • Outdoor

    Built to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Illuminated Lightbox Frames

    Use illumination to enhance posters and pictures. These are innovative, eye-catching displays perfect for use in casinos, airports, retail stores and more. Lighting options include energy saving LED, CCFL, and T5 Fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Multi-panel

    Picture frames that display more than one photo at a time. Many of our frames can be double-sided and others include 2-4 panels, showing up to 8 images simultaneously. Another feature offered with several of our multi-panel photo frames is a rotating option. This allows you to change your display to show a diferent side whenever you see fit.


What are the mounting/display options?

  • Many of our picture frames include two-way easel backs as well as mounting hooks or other hanging hardware. This allows you the freedom of placing your frames on a tabletop or hanging on a wall. Each frame is listed with a description specific to its mounting options. Check your desired frame's product page to see which options are available.


What sizes do you carry?

  • We carry frames for all standard sized posters, pictures, and signs. Our sizes vary from as small as 3-1/2" x 2", which is the perfect size to display a business card, up to as large as 27" x 67" with MANY more sizes in between. If you cannot find a frame to fit your image or literature, please contact us (via live chat or phone @ 800-572-2194) and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Can I order custom sized photo frames? Can I order frames with custom logos?

  • We can custom build frames for pictures and posters that are not of a standard or traditional size. Custom sizes can be fabricated for most styles. However, a minimum quantity is necessary to justify the set-up costs associated with fabrication. As a general rule, all print display models require at least a 25 unit quantity as a pre-requisite for custom sized runs.
  • We do offer custom silkscreen logo printing with up to 3 colors on many of our products, especially our clear acrylic frames. A minimum order quantity of 500 units is required. Check your product page for specifics and to see if this option is offered on your frame of choice.


What materials are they fabricated from?

  • We offer photo and picture frames fabricated from acrylic, aluminum, solid wood and molded plastic, in all styles and sizes.


Where are photo frames displayed? What is typically displayed in them?

  • Picture and photo frames can be found just about anywhere to display as well as protect photos, documents, or even advertisements.
  • Residentially

    Many people choose to decorate their living spaces with pictures and photos of family and friends. Larger frames hold posters or larger artwork in the home. Picture and photo frames are also found in many corporate workplaces to personalize desktops.
  • Commercially

    Picture frames are used to effectively display promotional advertisements, instructions, pictures, posters of a product, and much more. Typically found in malls, restaurants, retail stores, boutiques, hotel lobbies, company entrances, etc.


Do they come pre-assembled? Do wall mounted frames need to be professionally installed?

  • Most of our frames do come pre-assembled and include mounting hardware. You will find this information on the particular frame's product page. In a case where you would have to assemble the frame yourself, we do provide detailed instructions. We tell you right from the product page what materials are included and what you will need to correctly assemble your picture and photo frame.
  • Installation for our wall mounted frames should always be done by a professional or crafts-person. you should align your brackets on the wall horizontally with a level tool to make sure your installation is level. Pre-drilling of anchor holes, insertion of plastic anchors and final screw insertion, are necessary. Using a ladder may be required for some frames. Installation for most frames can be completed within 3-4 minutes if instructions are properly followed.


How soon can I receive my order? What are the shipping costs?

  • We ship most of our products the same day we receive an order! Most of our frames are pre-assembled, pre-packed, and ready to ship. In stock pre-packed items ordered before 1PM EST are eligible for same day shipping. Other products may require some assembly before we can ship, or they may be in production.
  • Shipping options and costs are specific to each frame. Be sure to check the shipping specifications on the product page as you are ordering your frames.


Warranty Information:

All of our products are warranted for quality craftsmanship and defective materials. This, however, excludes breakage from mishandling by the customer.


History of Photo Frames and Picture Frames

  • How it all began...

    Photo and picture frames evolved from the borders found on vases and tomb paintings 3-4,000 years ago.  Later on, borders were found on mosaics enclosing narrative scenes and ornate panels.  The function of these borders is the same as that of a photo or picture frame used today; to protect and emphasize the piece of art or picture contained.
  • What has changed over the years?

    Over the years, picture frames have come in all degrees of cost and elaboration. Once commissioned by monarchs and the nobility for status and propaganda purposes, picture frames indicated wealth and power. These were followed by everyday versions of the same frames which were produced in increasing quantities from the 14th century on.
  • What is a "modern" photo frame?

    The intent of a modern photo or picture frame has always been to help draw the eye inwards to the article on display. Whether it borders a picture, photo, poster, painting, document or work of art, the function of a photo frame still remains the same. The most modern photo frame of the 21st century is the digital photo frame. A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them or use a computer. This innovative framing technology is an example of how the picture or photo frame will keep developing to adapt to the needs of an ever-changing society.
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