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Deluxe Vs. Economy Trade Show Pop-Ups
Differences and Which is Right for You?

Differences To Consider

There are many differences between Economy and Deluxe trade show popups. The most noticeable (and most expensive) difference between these two types of popups are the graphic panels. Graphic panels on the Economy trade show pop-ups are printed on a lower quality fabric with a 720 DPI value. This fabric still makes your pop-ups easily readable, but adds a bit of fuzziness to the images. Deluxe pop-ups feature graphics with crystal-clear 720 DPI printing on high quality fabric. With these high-resolution graphics, your images and text really stand out! The differences between these panels are very similar to the difference between analog and HD television. If you aren't used to seeing things in HD, analog television looks just fine. However, once you see something in HD, you can really see the difference.

The other major difference between Economy and Deluxe pop-ups are the frame style. The Economy frame is silver with black hubs (where the fabric panels button onto the frame), while the Deluxe pop-up features an all black frame. The deluxe pop-up is held up with by heavy-duty magnetic connectors while the Economy pop-up is held together by a spring-action system.


Fabric Differences
Frame Differences

Stitching / Hemming

Corner Reinforcement
Hub Style

Image Clarity / DPI Value

Which Style Is Right For You?

Based on the information above, you can choose whether the Economy or Deluxe models of trade show pop-ups are right for your pop-up display needs. Both styles of popups have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. While the Deluxe model is superior in many ways, it does carry a much higher price tag. However, if you are looking for a higher quality product, the Deluxe pop-up is definitely the way to go. We offer Deluxe pop-ups in your choice of a 7-day or 4-day lead time (after artwork approval). If you need your pop-up display quickly, these are the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you aren't so concerned about the clarity and vibrancy of the graphics panels, and don't need your pop-up display right away, the Economy model might be the right choice for you. Although the graphics panels of the economy model are printed on a lower quality fabric, they are still clear and your potential customers or clients probably would never be able to tell the difference without having a higher quality fabric pop-up display right next to it.

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