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PS227 Wireless Sound System Features

close up of back

The ultimate wireless public address system.

Two 50 watt amplifiers and four full range 6" x 8" speakers project your presentation to audience of up to 3,000 people. The wireless add-on speaker can be up to 300ft from the control unit and the speaker has the same freedom with the wireless lapel microphone. Add a prerecorded music or multimedia presentation with line in ports or control an in-house system with the line out. With so many different uses and not a single wire to trip on, you will love this wireless amplified sound system as much as we do.

  1. The S805A works with virtually any microphone, including condenser (1a), dynamic(1b) and a 2nd wireless (1c) units. The condenser (electret) input includes phantom power. All 3 microphone inputs can be used simultaneously.
  2. Use the line out to for the wireless add-on speaker transmitter or to record your presentation with a cassette recorder.
  3. Use the built in 50 watt amplifier to power external speakers for a larger audiences.
  4. Never run out of power!
    • Talk for up to 200 hours on a single set of 10 D-cell alkaline batteries (not supplied)
    • Or use the International AC Adapter/Recharger (option AMPAC) to plug in virtually anywhere in the world.
    • Better still -- add the NiCad Power Pack (option NICAD) for maximum flexibility.
  5. Make your computer or video projector programs heard - by connecting them to the stereo line input (with separate volume & tone control). Or add pre-recorded music and sound effects via CD, tape or MP3 player. Cables for many connection options are included.

Show without the speaker grill, both of the 6" x 8" full range speakers can be seen. Both the Control Unit and the Wireless Speaker Unit feature two speakers in the enclosure.

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